A bit of light in the darkness

There is a guy up here.  Been here for a long time.  Lives on another island.  He’s a hero.

Seems G noticed that the salmon in his area were suffering and he decided to do something about it.  So, he cobbled up a hatchery and increased the spawning rate up in his neck o’ the woods.  That was some decades ago.  Did it all on his own till he got a bit older and then volunteers stepped up to assist and he made the program even bigger and more successful.

He paid for everything from his earnings as a fishing guide.

As the years went by, some rich guys on a nearby island decided to help him out.  They built a better hatchery, provided a small operating budget and created a board of advisors.  They even went so far as to pay the guy a few bucks so that he could concentrate on his hatchery.  The local salmon thrived.

It also seems some of the other coastal fisheries are doing OK.  Turns out they are being managed by the fishermen.  Fishermen who care.  Commonly held belief: whatever DFO manages, dies.  So the people involved in the fishing industry just quietly went about managing it themselves.  Reports indicate that they are doing a good job.

Gives me hope, it does.

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