Ravens! The little bastards!

Came home to a littered cliffside.  The ravens somehow managed to open the outdoor freezer and, over the past week, ate the entire contents.  About 40 pounds of raw dogfood, 3 steaks, a whole chicken, a few pounds of bacon and a miscellany of ‘leftovers’ including three plastic yogurt tubs of chicken stock.  We are pretty sure they are so bloody heavy they walked in for the last few meals and we are going to ‘track them’ by their heavy footprints back to their hide-out  What little, fat bastards!

Still, all in all, it is great to be home.  We may have to forage farther afield and a bit sooner for sustenance – thanks to the aerial bandits – but being home is so incredibly great it is hard to complain.  Ravens do what ravens do.

One thing is for sure: I will give them a vociferous piece of my mind when I see them next and that will be the last piece of anything they get from me for a long time!

A heavy yellow pall hung over the sky as we came home.  No idea why.  Looked like urban pollution from Nanaimo to Comox. Much the same on the Vancouver side.  Got over to the next island at dusk and the pristine air there was literally sweeter.  The view unimpaired.  Water was calm and all seemed right with the world.  And then we unloaded to a beautiful ramp on our side that made the chore a fresh breeze!  House fired up (water, gas, electricity) and it was GOOD.

When we go away for any amount of time, we arrange for a neighbour to drop us on the far side so that our vessel can remain at home.  When we return, that same neighbour picks us up and we take our own boat back over to the island-next-door and we load up and then navigate the last mile or so back home.  This is a difficult arrangement when there is no neighbour.  So, I am proposing that we never leave.  Sal is mulling that over.

Community day today.  So no rest.  Wicked work to get done.  I’ll report again soon.

2 thoughts on “Ravens! The little bastards!

  1. At last… a raven story! 😉

    (Sorry that they made a mess tho). Bear explanation sounds pretty good– they and the ravens live in symbiotic harmony)


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