A different world


Community day.  Plus we had the Public Health nurses come to visit (flu shots) and the Coast Guard came by for a PR show and tell.  Brought the community a nice big boat to tour.   Big mail day, too.  All in all, it was a busy day.  Even better, the sun was shining.

You’d think we were a huge community if you judged by Wednesdays.  There were over twenty five people at the ‘canteen’ that operates in the bunkhouse on Community Day.  The whole space is less than 1000 sft.  And we must have had a dozen visitors in the workshop.   We may have even done a little work.  And my guess is that were over thirty people – not counting the school kids – who did a tour of the Coast Guard boat.

Community Day – it’s weird.  I go up around 10:30 a.m. and figure to stay an hour or so………just to be sociable, do a little chore……..and then go home.  I never seem to manage that and don’t usually get home til 4:00 or so.  No real reason for that…….not really…….just conversation, that sort of thing.  Time flies.

This time it was the Coast Guard that held me up a bit longer.  One of the crew had been to visit us back when we were starting to build eight years ago.  He was a friend of a friend and they were both in the Coast Guard at the time and so they dropped in and, it seems, he remembered and recognized us.  That same fellow was on the crew that came to attend to me after my mishap with the propellerAnd he remembered that, too.

This guy and I are like ‘ol’ buddies………..?

It is not a good sign when you are recognized and on a first name basis with search and rescue. 

Oh well, I suppose we will be seeing plenty of each other in the near future……….

One thing remarkable about today: no one brought up the US election.  Well, I did, of course.  But no one else did and, furthermore, the responses I got were of complete and total ambivalence.  Not even a quip or sarcastic remark.  It was like it never happened…………?

That surprised me.  My neighbours are pretty political.  They follow politics.  And, to a person, they were Obama fans.  So, why the lack of comment?  I have no idea………….I can only guess.

My first guess is that they were pretty sure that Obama would be re-elected.  So was I but I still talked about it.  Secondly, they have generally rejected the larger system and, when you think about it, Obama is the penultimate representative of that system.  They are not interested in Obama in the same way as they are not interested in the Queen of England.  Thirdly, they are all older.  The political conversations to be had have all been had many times over.  “So, what else is new?”  Of course there is also the obvious: “We can’t do anything about it- whatever it is and we just have to live and cope so what is there to talk about?”  Which is fair comment, I suppose, but doesn’t that apply to a lot of issues?

Bottom line?  No splash.  Barely a ripple in the space/time continuum.  Same ol’, same ol’.  The kind of thing that used to occupy the people I know no longer does.  Well, if the ‘day after’ is anything to go by.

This was a huge cause celebré for the last three or four months in the media!  We were supposed to believe that it was the topic of the day every day!  But, perhaps it was not?  Maybe it was just another thing that was a topic in the media but not so much in the home?

Not in the typical off-the-grid Canadian home, anyway.




3 thoughts on “A different world

  1. Well, ‘jam’ is something that grows from commitment. Get out. Get here, get building and the jam will grow on you like the stuff between your toes! But health is an issue. A real issue. You can do without skill and you can do without fitness but you cannot do much of anything if you are truly ill. Ill health is a non-starter. Money? Well, if you are over forty the need for money increases. Under forty and youthful energy and time will compensate for a lot. There is another way – buy a small cabin and live the good and simple six months of the year. Better than nuttin’ honey.


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