Hard times

What a gorgeous day!  I just might get off my black-and-blue butt and take some chances.  Maybe limp up and down a sloping path or something.  Cut a board or two?

Well, I am talkin’ big.  I am not quite there yet.  I am walking OK but not bending.  Not yet.  No yoga, that is fer sure (mind you, I don’t do yoga anyway)!

Damn!  The day is absolutely beautiful and we should be taking advantage of it.  Well, Sal will anyway.  She’s going up to the post office later.  We hope to get a few books today.  Maybe a movie.  The plane will definitely be flying in on a day like this.  Hopes are high.  I’ve read everything in the house with print including old newspapers and Sal’s Vanity Fairs!  I need some books!  Some real books!

Or a bunch o’ shoot ’em up, cheap B flicks.

I have likely given the impression that life is hard and challenging out here and that we have to fight off the bears and cougar-ducks, slog through snowdrifts and eke a subsistence existence from eating ferns and crap.  And, of course, it is all true!  But the biggest challenge is staying stocked up on good reading material.  I find it nigh on impossible!

Part of the reason is that I rarely read fiction.  Sometimes Conan Doyle.  Love Sherlock.  I had a thing for Ludlum’s Jason Bourne.  But, generally, fiction feels shallow to me.  I can make stuff up on my own!  So, I am restricted mostly to non-fiction and even at that, a lot of fantasy passes for non-fiction these days.  Try any of the Kissinger Fantasies for a delightful romp!

I have read just about all there is on the last ten years of the economy from Maddoff to Barnanke, from Friedman to Freakonomics.  And I have watched with fascination the spread of corporate globalization in a world not-in-the-least- ready for it.  That is an ongoing read when I can get another fix.  Add a dozen or so tomes on China’s economy, government, politics and history and well, it is an unholy mess out there.  Fascinating.

And I fully expect that Japan would be listed amongst the crippled economies of the Greek, Spanish and Portugese governments if they were not so bloody disciplined.  Japan is hurtin’.

But that is not my point.  No one cares about the global economy in my circle but me and George Soros.  And George is pretty calm about it all, really.  Well, at least according to his latest book – a series of lectures.  On himself, mostly.  Not recommended.  For a genius, he is a smidge boring.  I don’t really count him in my circle, actually (but don’t tell him that!).

I kinda count Paul Hawken.  We’ve talked.  E-mailed.  PH is another genius.  The right kind, in my book.  A green, economic, optimistic genius.  I like PH.  I also count Amory Lovin.  Rocky Mountain Institute.  I am not close to either but I like what they have to say.  They are visionaries.  They really are.

So, that is today’s plight: a blue butt, a beautiful day and no books to read.  Not perfect but not all bad from the western front, eh? 

Mind you, the western rear is still pretty sore!




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