Re: Left wondering?

We went out.  Like I said.  It was blowing again.  Like we expected.  But it all went well.  We didn’t even take on as much water.  Feet remained dry.  And we caught some prawns.  Five pounds.  It was good.

Five pounds is about 250 prawns.  Success is usually anticlimactic.  Not this time.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves.  You know – having braved the seas and all?

If you look at the picture at the top of the blog you’ll see our house on the ‘rock’.  Imagine being just off that rock to your right by about 100 to 200 feet.  That was where we were.  Seems safe enough from that view, don’t you think?  It was.  The second time.   First time?  Not so much.

When we got back, after having cleaned up and put everything away, Fid started barking.  A lot.  That usually means one of any number of things.  I have no idea.  Dog-talk.  It all sounds the same to me.  Sal figures she is fluent, tho.  She began asking him what was on his mind.  It is a wonderful sight – watching them communicate.  Both eager to please.  Both looking blank.  Sally claiming comprehension.

NOT having a clue.

As Fid barked and looked out to sea, however, we saw what the commotion was all about.  A pod of four Orcas were going by.  A big young bull, two females and a baby.  Pretty neat.  The season has started early.

Fid thinks part of his job is to spot Orcas. He is right.  The other part is to chase balls and sticks and then eat whatever is put in front of him.  He’s good at it.  And it keeps him busy enough.  Meg is a watcher.  Fid is a doer.  Meg is his audience.  Sally watches both of them do their thing.  She thinks both of them are geniuses.  I think they all are.  They keep each other totally entertained.  Bloody brilliant, actually.  When you think about it.

I try not to.

Later that evening I went out to tend to the genset.  Heard the wolves.  Faintly.  They were up at the North end.  Sounded good.

Waves, whales, wives and wolves with a few pounds of prawns as appetizers.


4 thoughts on “Re: Left wondering?

  1. I wonder what the whales are thinking as they pass to the sounds of a ruckus? “Is that Fid? Hey Fid come out here and say that?”


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