Rant (engage at your own risk)

Oddly, Chocolate snake and the vertically challenged transsexual didn’t make a blip in the stats.  I guess my sense of deviance is off the mark.  Maybe snakes and midgets are all the norm these days?  I dunno.  Weirdos want more than I can give, I guess (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  I am tempted to give it another shot but, if I do, I think I am playing too recklessly with the definition of off the grid.

“Hey, Dave!  What kinda grid did you slip off of, anyway?”

Might be time to rein it in a smidge and just roll out another political rant-blog before I go back to whales and ravens.  I feel the need to vent.

All five of the living presidents met at the opening of the GW Bush library the other day.  Apparently he has the largest collection of Archie Digests and Marvel Comics ever!  Two of the presidents were named Bush.  What are the odds, eh? GW suggested at the time that he would encourage Jeb, his brother, to try to make it a trifecta.  What are the odds of that, eh?  No, seriously….WHAT ARE THE ODDS!!???

One thing is for sure: the Bush family does not seem to face the same 300 million-to-one gamble of becoming president that every other American faces.

By the way, this criticism of the rigged democracy we seem so enamoured with is not limited to the Bush family or Baby and Papa Doc Duvalier and other nepotistic dynasties.  Canada just entered (more obviously than in past) the cynical sweepstakes by anointing Justin Trudeau to the leadership of the Liberal Party.  The man who has done nothing.  Ever.  The man who had his father’s eulogy written for him so that he could make a debutante-like unveiling of himself on TV.  We now have the son of a charismatic leader now long dead as the leader of a major party.

Gee, Canada does seem to follow the States in so many ways…………(see also the Phillipines, North Korea, India, etc.)

We will get another Trudeau as prime minister someday.  I can feel it in my gut.

The US may get another Bush, too.

But nepotism isn’t the only flaw.  In Canada we have a system that doesn’t allow the elected reps to speak or vote for their constituents or their conscience.  They do what they are told by the leader of the ruling party.  Our elected officials are virtually muppets.  In effect, we have chosen a rotational dictatorship.

Here’s another flaw: Our provincial NDP party, likely destined for power after the upcoming election, has a policy that does not allow it to endorse men anymore – not unless they are already incumbents.  A ‘new’ man wanting to represent his constituency under the NDP banner isn’t welcome.  It’s the penis, it seems.  Vagina good.  Penis bad.

In politics, natural selection is anything but democratic.

I once vied for a nomination.  I lost out to a doofus who simply mouthed the party platform.  Seems my ad-libbing, tho, was good enough for the party elites to ask me to run in another area.  “We want you to run in another constituency…you OK with that?  We’ll pay all your expenses, give you support.”

“I can’t do that!  How is there any integrity at all in doing that?  How can I stand up in front of people whose issues are unknown to me and promise to represent them?  How can I be a stranger and do a good job?”

“Never mind all that.  If you get in, you will get a salary and a pension.  Think about it!”

Bottom line: the party system is undemocratic.  It pre-selects candidates and thus limits the voters choice to one of two ‘elites’.  We are supporting a very flawed system.  We should fix it.

There should not be a party system.  Let independents get elected and let them make temporary alliances on issues when they genuinely agree or have something in common.

OK.  Thanks.  Weight temporarily lifted off my chest.  Whew!  Ravens and whales to follow.  Maybe some stuff about building.  Dunno yet.  I am tempted to do some product endorsement………………wanna hear opinions about gensets?  Solar panels?  Tools?  How to choose a location for a cabin?        

4 thoughts on “Rant (engage at your own risk)

  1. I want to hear about what makes a good cabin site. I know about south-facing for sun exposure and getting the best view, what else is there?

    I am actually currently looking for a good generator so I would like to hear about that as well. I have been thinking I might buy this one
    What do you think?


    • Chinese manufacturers went on a buying spree and bought up a bunch of venerable old ‘brands’. I don’t know of them all but you’ll be surprised to learn that Milwaukee sold off their DIY level brand to the same Chinese company that owns Rigid and Ryobi. The Chinese also bought Honeywell.
      “Geez, Dave, do you hate the Chinese?”
      ‘Course not. Not the people, anyway. The govt. has much to answer for but, like most societies, the ordinary folks are great. But do you recall when the Japanese first came into the automobile market? They made junk. Then the Koreans came and they made junk. Now both of them make good stuff that is blowing the domestic market apart. Frankly, I think that the Toyota lineup is the best in the industry and the Lexus the best of the best.
      And the Chinese will get there. But they ain’t there yet. So don’t buy Chinese if you care about quality and don’t buy all Chinese if you care about equality.
      Shorter answer: don’t buy the Honeywell genset.


  2. Like the saying goes, Politics is Show Business for ugly people. The trough beckons. And what’s wrong wih Trudeau, he’s famous for being famous. Isn’t that good enough for our media-shortened attention spans? A familiar brand amongst all the no-names. He’ll go far, I suspect, just because of the fabulous teeth and hair.
    For the other, I’m thinking a small diesel generator would do nicely. Silence is nice, too.


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