Fun is where the roof is…

We have basically ‘turned the corner’ on the studio.  Almost to ‘lock-up’.  We are having fun!

PA150086Since I will put the doors on at the very last (they are glass double French doors and a smidge vulnerable) we will not technically be to lock-up til we are virtually done – even the inside – because shlepping in and out of finishing materials, tools and stuff means passing through the doorway.  A lot!  May as well do that when the opening is wide and not breakable.


Did I mention the doors (that I transport by small boat) are glass?

But the windows are in and the siding will be on within the next few days so we feel as if we are dry and almost home.  The bulk of the work remaining is inside work.  The pressure – such as it was – is almost off.  Whew!

PA150082Sally, actually, feels the relief more than I do.  She was the one on the roof.  I built scaffolding so that I could work at eave level and pass Sal ‘cut’ pieces that she calls for as she needs them while sitting astride the roof.  Same kind of process for the inside.  So, for instance, while she was on the cat-walk scaffold in the inside-middle of the building, I was cutting collar-ties and rafters and passing them up to her.  She would then hold them while I got into position (the lower part of the ceiling near the wall) and the two of us would screw or nail in our ends.

Then – when the framing was complete but still skeletal – she would climb up on the very top of the roof outside and I would pass her cut sheet metal that she would screw into place and then she would scramble/slide along to the next section where the process would be repeated.  Since it was only an 8/12 pitch and I had scaffolding three feet down from the eaves (three sides), we were content to simply tie a line from her and to me for safety.  If she fell, my weight alone would save her.

This all sounds good but it is Sally who is at the top looking at the ground twenty feet below.

PA150080And sitting astride a metal roof (to put on the cap) is something that I would find quite difficult.  Sal does yoga.  Piece o’ cake.  As Sal says, “You do not need a carpenter for a partner, you need a yoga practitioner!”

Have you noticed that any old carpenters still doing framing are skinny?  Well, I have.

Anyway, the weather is still good and we will soon be able to work inside.  Except for the stovepipe opening our outside work will be over.

And to think you poor folks have to go to a restaurant, the theater or the mall for fun.


3 thoughts on “Fun is where the roof is…

  1. I’m impressed….especially with Sally. It is going to be a great space to foster all those great creative ideas. I’m holding you to carving lessons next summer.


  2. I’m impressed with Sally, too. Have been for 44 years and I am likely to continue being impressed. Hope to do a little impressing myself, now and then health and hormones willing. And it will be great space to foster all her ideas, too. She has plenty of them for me. I am looking forward to giving you carving lessons. Stone or wood? Soap is easiest. Local granite all but impossible. Your call.


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