Liberals – the REAL tax-and-spend party!

Tax-and-spend.  The NDP has worn that pathetically weak but somehow effectively insulting label forever – even tho they have rarely actually had the reins of power long enough to earn it.

The irony is: it is hard to be anything but tax-and-spend when you are a government – any government – they all tax and they all spend so, like, what is the point of insulting one party with that description?  It is like pointing at a pro-hockey player and yelling, “All you do is skate, pass and shoot!”

But even more of a misnomer is that the party of good economic management is the moniker given the provincial Liberal party and they are the worst of the tax-and-spenders.  They are the worst money-managers!  They spend way more than they tax!

We are $60 billion in debt because of them and what were previously our biggest cash cows (BC Hydro and BC Ferries) are now hemorrhaging in red ink.  The rest of the herd is bleeding profusely as well.  Every single project the Liberals have touched has failed, come in over budget, not realized the income projections or simply has not worked.  They have mis-spent billions and billions and yet people see them as the party for the economy.  How is that even possible?  How could we be that stupid?

It’s simple, really….we really are that stupid.  The reason they can sell us that line of BS is that we kinda think of business as they present it.  We believe all that free-enterprise (the popular, media version) crap!  We think that, “Hey, I just go out on a limb, work hard, take a chance and, voila! I either win or lose.  It is a crapshoot but my chances are as good as the next guy’s.”

No!  No, they are not!  If the next guy is SNC Lavalin or some other Liberal corporate crony, you are dead wrong!  You are playing against the house and you are playing with a stacked deck.  You haven’t a chance.  It is NOT a level playing field out there, folks.  You have to play by ever-changing rules in a confusing economic milieu with cheats, liars and bureaucrats stacking the deck against you, the small entrepreneur or the worker-bee.

They, on the other hand, play in the back rooms with fixes and bribes already taken and banked off-shore before the game begins.

BC Hydro was in the black until the Liberal business experts started fiddling with it.  Now Hydro bills are higher and going higher to pay for their mistakes.  Paid by you (they already took their share to off-shore accounts).  And BC Hydro is not an isolated example.  See BC Rail.  See the Convention Centre.  See mass transit.  See BC Ferries.  See lumber sales.  The list goes on and on.

And wait for the crime of the century with Enbridge, Kinder Morgan and LNG.

Small companies are failing in droves.  People can’t find employment at the same time the banks and the mining companies are lobbying to allow foreign workers in to ‘fill the worker shortage’.  A huge percentage of people were literally cheated out of their pensions and most people in Canada are hugely in debt!  There is something radically wrong with that scenario.

And don’t even think about the tragedy facing young people today.

Face it – the party of business (provincially, the Liberals and federally, the Conservatives) is the party of incompetence, corruption and crime.  You will have plenty of time for reading up on all this while you wait for months for your health care services, your kids wander off in an uneducated or inebriated daze or you wile away your free time stuck in traffic or in front of a screen.

Folks, it is time to give your head a shake: most of us have bought the Kool Aid and drunk it.  And we liked the sweetness.  But the drink is poison.  It is a lie.  It is waste water.  It is NOT right.  Our system is rotten and we can’t change it by thinking that, ‘with a bit of luck I, too, can get rich!’

You can’t.  It will never happen.  This is a system stacked against everyone but the in-crowd.  But, even worse, the common definition of rich is toxic and dysfunctional.  We are working harder to make ourselves sicker.

We have to look at ‘enterprise’ differently.   WE have to look at economics differently.  We need a new definition of ‘rich’.

And the easiest way to change the basic ‘construct’ is to ask yourself the real question: “So, what is being rich really like, anyway?  And why am I a believer in this new religion?  Do I get to eat more food, drive more cars, buy more junk or what?  Is being rich more fun?  Is that what I want? 

“Admittedly, I won’t have the day-to-day worries but will I be closer to my family?  My friends?  Will my health be better?  Will I have more time to enjoy nature or play?  Will I pursue my interests?  What exactly has getting rich done for say, Jimmy Pattison?  Is he living a better life than me?  Is he happier?”

I actually know the answer to that but it is not my place to speak for JP.    All I can say is that JP ain’t as happy as I am and I don’t have his wealth.  And I can honestly say that, if I did, I would give virtually all of it away.  It is worth nothing in my world (well, I can still spend modestly now and then on solar panels and two-by-sixes, I admit that).

Happiness and great wealth are NOT related.  Not even close.  We all need some income (and some meaningful work), a lot of friends and family, some basic security (not airport level) and lots of good health.  And we need a healthy place in which to live.  But we don’t need too much in the way of consumer goods.  In other words, we all have our priorities wrong.

No wonder our politicians are always wrong.

6 thoughts on “Liberals – the REAL tax-and-spend party!

  1. Very impressive photo gallery showing the perks of “Off the Grid.” Got to love the dogs, the ravens, the killer whales, the gobsmacking vistas, the bounty, the visitors but no Jimmy Pattison. No JP proves that you’re richer than he.


    • Thank you. I definitely feel that way. Richer. JP flies up our way in the company helicopter, stays a few days, and then heads back to the office to make more money for the helicopter, the pilot and the office. I dunno…..doesn’t make a lot of sense to me……………….


      • I’ve seen him cruise Pender Harbour in his yacht .Where does Jimmy stay when he is in the ‘hood? Have you seen his yacht up the coast?


        • We think we have………..a lot of big fancies go up to Senora Lodge or Dent/Stuart Island up near Bute Inlet. We sometimes see them in and around Campbell River. John Travolta, I seem to recall, last summer. Michelle Pfiefer……but it is equally as likely as ‘their yacht’ goes up ‘somewhere’ and then they fly in so that they don’t have to suffer the journey. Poor babies.


    • It is a good question….kinda…on a large scale, anyway. I think, on the larger scale, there is HUGE value to be considered as a Canadian or even a landed immigrant living in Canada. H-U-G-E. But does any of that value attribute to the party in power or even the government as a whole (complete with history)? I think the answer to the second part is that no party has contributed any value. None whatsoever. Seriously. The value-makers have been the people doing what they do to make life in Canada as it is. Soldiers dying in Normandy, nurses caring for the sick and workers working the work. The so-called parties are simply gangs of power-mongers feeding at the trough. Their sole contribution is as figureheads mostly and harrasers of the hoi polloi. And I believe that. Jared Diamond believes that, too. Leaders are fat-cats who live off the avails. Of course they ‘yap’ and write legislation but really? People generally obey the golden rule not the written law. 99% of the people don’t even know the laws they are obeying (or not). They go along to get along. We are rich as a nation more because we have tons of land, tons of resources and we work socially and civily together 99.9% of the time. But the BIG crimes are committed by BIG companies and BIG government. “Is Big Government evil?” I don’t think it is inherently so but power corrupts and…well, you know. “Could it ever work for the common good?” I think so. I really do. They have to get their heads out of the trough and put the people and the ‘planet’ first – they just haven’t. Not so far. So far, they just do what tin-pot dictators always do: feed at the trough filled by the people. “How do they get away with it?” It is just a sophisticated protection racket. All governments are protection rackets. See the Mafia, see government. WE pay them NOT to harrass us.


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