Selling/renting/leasing your soul


Harper really should lose BIG TIME if the votes are honestly counted (not a given). Trudeau and the Liberals will likely be the big beneficiaries.  It’s just math.

Mulcair and the NDP are improving their numbers all the time, however.  But slowly.  They have no sex appeal, no ability to capture the moment or create celebrity magic.  They plod.  They are not aligning new followers like they need to.  Their marketers aren’t good enough.  If that trend continues, it will likely result in a minority government with the Liberals and the NDP controlling the house together.

But Mulcair and Trudeau don’t like each other.  The parties can’t seem to cooperate.  That is NOT the recipe for an alignment, a minority government.  How do they form the next government when they can’t even endure a lunch date?

I personally like minority governments but they don’t last.  Politicians want power, not progress.  And I have a theory about that.  And that is the real point of this blog:

I’ll keep it brief.  Politicians go into the ‘poli-business’ basically to do good.  I believe that. Mostly. In the beginning, anyway. Doing good is one of their prime motivations.  They are joiners.  They are team-players. They are patriots.  They are do-gooders. They love their country. They believe in the system.  They want to serve it.  But, of course, like all animals, they want to survive first. Survival is the top and prime motivation for all living things.

Service to others is a distant second (or even lower) on the priority list.

And that me-first concept is even acknowledged in law. We are pretty much allowed to do what we have to do if our own survival is at risk.  Survival, not service, is rule #1.  The real key question is ‘what constitutes your definition of survival’.

For most of us, it is simply eating, sleeping and breathing regularly.

But for politicians – and for many driven people – survival of the ego is the same for them as real, basic, life and death survival.  They are the image they hold in their heads. They feel they are allowed to do whatever it takes to survive as ‘they see themselves‘ surviving.  For politicians, surviving in a public setting is just as primal a need as eating, sleeping and breathing is for the rest of us.

They will sacrifice a lot of morals and ethics justifying their kind of survival.

But they are NOT the real problem.  Others (society, corporations, institutions) want to recruit and harness that kind of energy.  Those ‘ego’ people are eminently exploitable. “There’s money to be made in those egos!”

“You exaggerate! Nobody is that weak, susceptible or that crazy.”

You are right.  They aren’t that crazy from the get-go, anyway.  First they have to experience the institutionalized supplanting of their basic, personal ego with other, larger-concept things.  Enter: egos in training.  We teach them all kinds of ways how to do that in western society. They are taught to relate to their school. “Go Wolverines!”  They are taught to relate to their favourite team. “Go Canucks!”  They might eventually relate to Rotary or their province or, if they become really, really patriotic and/or political, they may buy a membership card in a political party.  “Vote Liberal!”

They will drink the kool-aid.

Being an egotist and a politician requires eventually transferring the basic, personal ego-survival tendency to a party or a team or religion or something even bigger – to the max.

And we encourage that habit of allegiance transfer because we (society) want to recruit them as soldiers in to our particular-interest army. Our society is built around that kind of recruitment.  “I’m a Chevy man!”  See Facebook.  Study marketing.

Also see: teens around the world seeking something larger than themselves and joining ISIS. See: teens around the world joining the Young Republicans or Christian Missionaries or the Crips.  See yourself defending your politics, your religion, your country.  Or your favourite football team.

We are born with ego and trained to join up.

It is not a hard sell, really.  People inherently know that there is something bigger and better out there than just themselves and so they transfer their personal survival skills to whoever recruits them best.  That used to be the churches.  Then nation-states.  It might be the Canucks, the Marines or the Young Conservatives. The Greens are currently out there wooing the young ‘for the planet’.  Marketers are the new priests because money is the new GOD.  For many, it is all a religion. We get recruited.  We all get recruited.

So, ask yourself… you have some HUGE allegiance to a sports team, a religion, a political party or even a dog breed?  Willing to dole out for them are you?  If so, your own personal survival mechanism may have been somewhat hijacked by them.  The basic ‘you’ has been compromised.

Marketers are generally pretty good at what they do.

Now imagine that you have been so completely hijacked by them, you are them.  You are the leader of the party, the head of the church, the top breeder of water spaniels…..whatever….

….what are you willing to do for them?  Where would you stop?

Are there any limits?  ……any limits in behaviour that might jeopardize your sense of survival?

What do you think Steve, Tom or Justin is willing to do or say to survive?  What about Elizabeth?

Let the electioneering begin!



6 thoughts on “Selling/renting/leasing your soul

  1. Interesting topic.
    This weeks Economist;
    A book review on ; The Road to Character, David Brooks, Random House
    The percentage of American teens who believe themselves “special” or “very important” has risen from 12% in 1950 to 80% in 2005.
    In questionaires asking such statements as “I’m attractive” or “Someone should right a biography about me”…….93% agree with those statements.
    American children are emerging as more narcisiitic than even 20 years ago.
    With the rise in self regard has come an unprecedented yearning for fame.
    In 1976 people ranked being “famous” 15th out of 16 life goals. By 2007 52% of young people said it was one of their principle ambitions.
    On a recent multiple choice question twice as many teenaged school girls said they would rather be the personal assistant to someone famous than the President of Harvard.
    So whether a person joins politics to become famous or to actually help society … seems moot. People enjoy either being a celebrity OR being seen with famous people. Either way becoming a politician will fast track you on that score.


    • Yeah. Values skewed is the message. Or, maybe better put: what the hell kind of values are we teaching at all? Get money? Get fame? Get money and fame? Something is recruiting these young people to something that looks pretty shallow and selfish to me. The bottom line is that we are all vacuums waiting to be filled….so what did we fill the young (and each other) with? Whatever it is, the politicians seem to have some. The rich seem to have some. Celebs got some. They all ‘got theirs’.
      But what is it that cost them their soul?


      • Einstein has a quotation about insanity…doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results. Our political culture fosters such magical thinking.


  2. Perhaps Andy Warhols famous phrase, “In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame” should be revised to include the pathetic losers who run away to join groups such as ISIS.
    “In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of infamy”

    Perhaps some of these misguided impressionistic juvenile little turds should have a long hard talk with Omar Khadr.
    Who spent 11 years from age 15 to 26 …….in prison……being tortured.
    Or just join ISIS where the rank and file wont trust the “foreign” volunteers and USE them to be suicide car bombers or cannon fodder.
    Yeah THATS a great way to be “famous”
    Idiots that hopefully wont reproduce.


    • I am inclined to cut them a bit more slack but not much more. One really should make good decisions about life and that does NOT mean being a Hardy Boy or TinkerBelle. It just means thinking about what the hell you are doing. My main point in the blog is that we are all being programmed all the time by a system that encourages natural tendencies but for exploitative reasons. The bad guy is BIG LIE. The susceptible includes all of us. We all drink the Kool Aid. You really have to be careful when someone touches your buttons. It was not an accident.


      • Fair enough.
        I’ve found my some of my views have become more conservative as I get older.( although I WONT be voting for the Harper Cons this time around).
        I just remember back to my younger years and I dont think I was so naively impressionistic as the sheeple I see today.
        Oh, and I had ALL the Hardy Boys books……..I think my parents were just happy I actually enjoyed to read.


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