Some perspective………puleeez

Some doofus peed in a coffee cup while doing some plumbing for a client (some time ago) and gets caught on video.  He later became a Con candidate but then, after the reveal, was booted.  Some other Con candidate was caught making politically incorrect and mildly immoral prank calls for reasons likely egotistical and he was caught and jettisoned, too.

Oooh, those Cons are ‘tough on crime’, eh?

Mind you, they still pay Duffy, Wallin and the gang of petty thieves they call senators.  And the flock of sheep-MPs that do as Harper tells them to also dip deep into the trough all too regularly. The really bad behaviour is still going on.  But what about Ryan Leef?

C’mon…what is wrong with that guy and why is he still fondly embraced by Harper?

Wikipedia: He has overseen prisoners as an assistant superintendent at Whitehorse Correctional Centre which was his most recent employment prior to politics. Ryan Leef is also a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a Wildlife Officer and an investigator for (the) Yukon Department of Justice. Ryan Leef has also fought in the cage as a Mixed Martial Arts fighterRyan Leef was noted in national media when he claimed that the polar bear population had increased dramatically. His position was refuted by polar bear researchers and according to one scientist was based on a report prepared by “professional climate change deniers.”  (GET THIS:) Ryan Leef was appointed to the Standing Committee for Fisheries and Oceans and the Standing Committee for Natural Resources.  

But this is the absolutely whacked part that I think is worse than peeing in a cup or saying stupid things that do not break anyone’s bones…this may be worse than stating polar bears are all good when he obviously knows squat about the subject but sits on DFO/Natural Resource committees.  This seems to be the real Ryan Leef and he seems kinda nutty to me:

Dressed in camouflage, carrying a motion detector and hiding in the bushes with his commando-buddy, Ryan Leef, Conservative party parliamentarian, laid in wait at almost midnight in the rain last week to pounce on and arrest the vandal that had defaced some of his campaign signs.  Carrie Boles was the delinquent and she weighs 110 pounds.  When she attempted to deface some more signs, Ryan jumped her, threw her to the ground, twisted her arm behind her back and, screaming “CITIZEN’S ARREST!”, handcuffed her.

The mixed martial arts guy and his buddy forceably took down the 110 pound woman and hand-cuffed her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I support standing up for yourself.  I especially support a sitting, trough-feeding MP actually DOING SOMETHING.  ANYTHING!   I really do.  In fact, I applaud him and his buddy for tracking and finding the perpetrators of vandalism.  God bless their law-and-order little hearts.  Really.  I wish Ryan all the best in finding and rooting out crime.   ‘Go to Ottawa and get the bad girls, Ryan’.

Bad girl, bad girl!  Whacha gonna do when they come for you, bad girl, bad girl?

But doesn’t the camo and the ninja-clad buddy and the hiding and the hand-cuffs seem a smidge extreme?  And, what about jumping on her and twisting her arm and hand-cuffing her while screaming CITIZEN’S ARREST.  Isn’t that a bit nutty?  Is it just me?

I mean…I might lie in wait for the perp myself.  I really would.  The de-facing of my signs would have to be pretty epidemic for that effort but, if it was that bad, I might resort to confrontation.  I would.  I doubt that I would ask my neighbour to go all-out Ninja for me (I have Sal for back-up, anyway), and I doubt very much that I would dress up in camo and hide in the bushes but I would certainly confront the evil-doer and take a picture with my camera so as to enforce my intentions.  But would I carry hand-cuffs?  Would I scream such madness?  Would I physically throw a lone, young, slight woman to the ground and twist her arm? I don’t think so.  I think that is just plain psycho.

And yet there we have another Harper Con ‘acting out’ his true self (Dirty Harry type vigilante) and one that is an incumbent in parliament. Seriously…?  Peeing in a cup…? Throwing women around and handcuffing them?  I dunno…..seems odd……depends on your perspective, I suppose.

What exactly do you think the Con perspective really is?


11 thoughts on “Some perspective………puleeez

  1. “We expect the highest standards of our candidates and that’s why these individuals are no longer candidates,” Harper said at an event in Toronto. “…The highest standards…” ( Staff
    Published Monday, September 7, 2015)



    • He may have such high standards NOW but he just threw Nigel under the ethical bus as lacking the right stuff. And Nigel was his hand-picked right-hand man. Actually, so was Duffy. And Wallin. And well, the list goes on right down to Sona who currently languishes in jail with a record for electioneering fraud on Harper’s behalf. Exactly when do those HIGH standards kick in? After all the Syrian refugees are absorbed by other countries? After Enbridge and Keystone get built? High standards…? Really?


  2. In the words of Thomas Mulcair when he heard about “pee-gate”.
    “I guess its just an example of the conservatives “trickle down” economics plan….”

    As for the other loon. Yup a nutter for sure and I’m positive this wont the the last time he’s in the news for antics such as this. As for his paid position as a sitting member of Standing Committee for Fisheries and Oceans and the Standing Committee for Natural Resources…….it merely shows Harper and the conservatives utter contempt for the environment and the voters( a majority) who care about the environment.


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