Why do I feel this way…?

….like Harper could possibly still win?

Every single person I have spoken with over the past four years (one exception) has expressed a desire to vote the Conservatives out of the galaxy, let alone Ottawa.  But this was the same message I got when inquiring about the provincial election and Christy Clark’s Socred-Liberals.  No one wanted them, either.

It seems to me that I never hear from a supporter of the winning party.  Why is that?

You might suggest that I just ‘hang’ with hippies and lefties and so it is no wonder that I hear that message predominately but the truth is, I do not .  I have lots of Conservative (small and large C types) and most of my friends are NOT supporters of the NDP even though they support many of their policies (mostly because they find the usual NDP reps personally annoying and almost always brain-dead stupid).  If I had to gauge the politics of most of my friends and acquaintances, it would be Green with a very prudent fiscal leaning.  ‘My peeps’ are pro-local, pro-green, pro-peace, pro-small business and pro-community with a mild touch of compassion for the situational unfortunate but not the chronically unfortunate.

Me?  I am a smidge more compassionate than they are even for the forever-unfortunate because I, personally, feel like I lucked out, won the lottery-of-life and live in heaven with an angel.  So, yes, I am a bit of a pinko-bleeding heart but cauterized somewhat by experience.

But all that notwithstanding, why do I never meet a fan of Donald Trump, Stephen Harper or George W. Bush?  Some of my friends wanted to see Sarah Palin naked but I don’t think that counts.  OK, once I met a Texan who liked GWB because he was a ‘good ol’ boy’.  But that was just one supporter.  So, how do those folks win anything?

I don’t get it.

I wondered about ‘rigged’ elections and Jeb Bush’s Florida seemed to influence that suspicion when Al Gore gave up the election to George so easily.  And I still wonder about Christy Clark and how she won when the whole province swore they were voting NDP (mind you, I have rarely seen anyone shoot their own feet off so effectively as did Adrian Dix).

I guess what I am saying is this: ‘do I trust the electoral system?’

And, after looking hard at it, I have to reluctantly conclude that the electoral system as far as it ‘shows up’ locally is transparent and has integrity.  It is flawed but it is NOT corrupt.  I don’t wonder too much about the local voting process nor the local counting process.

Nationally?  What with computers and all?   I don’t know.

Before I end this musing I have a proposal to share that I would really like to get to Just-in and Tom:  Harper may win the most seats but not likely a majority.  So, those two can band together and take him down.  And they should.  But I understand the antipathy they feel for each other because I feel that way about them, as well.  I dislike them both as much as they do each other.  But, make no mistake Tom and Jerry, Canadians will not be happy in any way to have to go back to the polls because those two are so egotistic that they cannot cooperate for the benefit of the country.  That job is their raison d’etre for existing, n’est pas? To work on behalf of Canada and Canadians and NOT for each other’s own selfish ambitions?

So, here’s my solution –  form a coalition.  Invite the Green(s) and appoint Elizabeth May Prime Minister.  

Why not?  If there is a coalition, then they simply appoint the first minister amongst EQUALS as prime minister…right?  And she is an equal and she is in the coalition.  She is eligible and it would stand Mulcair and Trudeau in good stead for any future ‘run’ at the chair if they can show cooperation-without-ego for a few years.  It would do Elizabeth good, too.  Only Harper would suffer.

You heard it here first.

You won’t see it happen.

You won’t hear it said again either.  That idea will not get any air time.  It was just wishful thinking that somehow unselfish behaviour on Tom and Jerry’s part might give Canada a chance in this weird business we call democracy.

14 thoughts on “Why do I feel this way…?

  1. A sense of foreboding eh! Harper has a death grip on power and you may see a re-run of the 1926 Constitutional Crisis(King-Bing Affair) featuring the Prime Minister of the time and the Governor General is a showdown. It all may get ugly and Bill 51 might come into play. “… bill 51, though, is not just about terrorism. It’s about granting greater powers to police authorities to target activities that could “undermine the security of Canada” as well as activities that are detrimental to Canada’s interests.” Like someone try to prevent some one forming a minority government.


  2. Only time will tell but every poll suggests that change is afoot but it will be close. In faux voting by a grade seven class the Liberals barely came out on top. In my local riding recently redrawn is a sea of orange and nearly the same number of blue signs not many red. Door knocking, telephoning only one colour contacting me. Usually, more of everyone’s ground game is evident so it seems quite targeted. Not all candidates are attending the infrequent “All Candidates Meetings.” The Prime Minister has been the main face of the campaign but now he says it is not, “About him.” We have editorial boards saying vote Conservative and Harper will resign for the good of the brand. I get your disquiet because until the stake is driven in…!


  3. Yes , I too, have that nauseating sense of dread that Harper may weasel his way into a minority lead. It would not bode well for Canada.
    But , after talking to friends and coworkers, I feel Trudeau may just pull off a majority.
    Elizabeth May would be a fine choice as the PM if it came down to it.
    Just so see Harper’s face on the first day of a new Parliament.


  4. A tad “off subject” but where do you folks in OTG vote? Do you take a boat ride to the local village? Any closet “cons” in Nirvana?


    • I promised the locals NOT to divulge the exact location but we are within a 35 mile radius (NE) of Campbell River. We are technically OTG. We are really OTG and we live and breathe OTG but the truth is, we are pretty damn near the G. We are really OTCG…off the cusp of the grid. I can be on a ‘serviced logging road’ within 20 to 30 minutes of leaving home and 20 or so minutes after that hit pavement. No more than 2.5 hours from home, I can be in a London Drugs or filling my car with gas weather permitting. “That’s still OTG!” I know. And I know that ‘weather permitting is a real factor – we can be socked in for a few days easy. But we are NOT as remote as we could be.
      We have a couple of out-of-the-closet CONs. They are rich. They are nice. They are pleasant. We like ’em. They like us. But they were immersed in the get-money system all their lives and think that having millions is the most important thing. We don’t. And our voting shows that.


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