Back at it

Guests coming tomorrow.  Where would we be without ém, eh?  But, like all who came before, they are a treat and a gift.  We are lucky to have such friends.  Now, if only we could spread them out a little…………….

We have a habit of checking in with others when we go to town.  And they do likewise.  It is the neighbourly thing to do.  “Sal and I will be in CR tomorrow.  Need anything?” If the neighbour has any sense, they say, “Oh yes, we need a liter of milk, please.” And all is fine.  Sometimes a neighbour is tempted to say, “Yes, ten bags of reddi mix, four ten-foot 6″x6″s and would it be convenient to pick up my outboard at Boatland?”

These neighbours have been weeded out over the years.  We are good neighbours but we have weight limits.  Interestingly, we also have money limits.  A litre of milk is under $5.00 and to wait in the rain for it while the current is pulling you and you are tired and freezing from a long day away seems silly.  No one carries money with them in the forest so the obliging neighbour has to trek back to their cabin and ferret about looking for, what amounts to, loose change.  So, under $5.00 is free.  We just drop the litre of milk and go.  It will all work out over time.  Logical, don’t you think?

‘Course, nothing is actually $5.00 so you ‘stretch’ that sum to as much as $10 depending on the weather and how late it is.  “It is pouring, just drop the meat and potatoes and let’s go!” Mostly any amount that seems significant is settled later whenever we neighbours encounter one another again.  Or, sometimes it is forgotten altogether.  I’m the worst.  I forget to collect and I forget to pay.  My only saving grace is twice a year I ask everyone, “Do I owe you anything?  Or, do you owe me anything?”  I think the sum has to reach about $50.00 to become unforgettable.  What a weird world.  These arbitrary ‘set points’.  Oh well, it works out just fine.

For those of you wanting an update on the mice……………….we have prevailed.  Mouse-no-more.  Bait levels untouched.  No tell-tale droppings.  Rodent free.  Tís a bitter-sweet victory but a victory, nevertheless.  They aren’t so bad, really.  Kinda cute in a disgustingly non hygienic way.  They stay in the outer buildings and never show up in the house.  I suppose we should live and let live but you know how it is, ‘give them an inch and they’ll take over your house’.  So, I kill them.  Guests and mice, eh?  A fine line.



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