Some adjustment may be required

It’s kind of interesting watching the world begin to adjust to what has been obvious and inevitable for decades.  We knew things were all messed up.  Is this the adjustment period?

We knew climate was changing, pollution was poisoning, species were dying and things were just generally ‘getting out of whack’.  We knew about the environmental side in our heads ever since Silent Spring (Rachel Carson) in the 60’s.  But, environmental degradation is slow.  It was business as usual for 99.99% of us and complete and total denial for the so-called leaders.  Oddly, poisoned environments didn’t alert us.

Climate and environment is NOT as big as their job or the stock market to many urban people.  It just isn’t.  Out of sight, out of their ever-lovin’ minds. Things are changing on that score, however.  Even Gordon Gekko and Bubba think Green sometimes now.

I remember distinctly when my first conscious thought of the environment occurred to me (although there must have been many hints and clear messages previous to that, they simply did not ‘click’ until then.)  It was back in the 80’s for me.  I was in school.  They did a diagram on the amount of water in the Ogallala aquifer, the underground body of water that serves and supports a large portion of the US.  The news item reported that it was being depleted.  Seems the depletion rate has only increased since then. The Ogallala is drying up.  Takes 6000 years to fill up.

But that wasn’t news for most people.  Not real OJ Simpson-in-a-Bronco NEWS.  There were also the threats of species extinction from the Vancouver Island marmot to the spotted owl, from the Monarch butterfly to wild salmon, herring, sea weed and the list is now endless…..but….that WASN’T news, either.  NOT REALLY.  We had TV.  Soon we would have the Kardashians.  Pop news was becoming celebrity.  Real news was becoming cerebral.  They are different.

And, back then, Sally and I moved next door to Bob Hunter and watched GreenPeace hatch in real time.

‘Course, I do not measure my life by the amount of water underground or the number of owls in the trees either but it was all a bit of a starting point for me.  A slightly different consciousness started back then.  I started to watch for ‘indicators’, ‘trends’, ‘signs’.  I looked for other sources of information.  All of them, of course, had to have some ‘personal perspective’ component otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed. I was busy, too.

I also read, of course.  I listened, too.  But, to be honest, it kind of has to hit me personally to really sink in.  Learning is good – but experiencing, feeling, seeing at a visceral level is better.  I am ‘getting a message’ now and it is not just regurgitated hysteria from amphibian watchers or butterfly counters or pollution measurers.  But, of course, they are absolutely right.  Things are dying.  In great numbers.

I won’t bore you with a litany of natural disasters that have been observed just from living out here but, suffice to say, nature is suffering.  There is less and less of more and more.  And what is left is out of whack.

But it isn’t just about birds, bees and bull kelp.  Some of it is obvious and of interest to all but the naturally disengaged and the truly stupid.  YOU know this.  YOU saw it, too.  Economics went weird over the last fifteen years or so…..

I remember driving to Mexico in the fall of 2006.  We drove through California and saw great swathes of houses (ticky-tacky) spreading like a blight across the inhospitable dessert.  In itself, that is not any more insane than building anywhere inhospitable but the prices were also INSANE!!!  They were being advertised in 2006 for ‘starting at’ $499,000 (Californian minimum wage was, I believe, five dollars an hour).  Close to one hundred miles from any town, crap houses in the dessert were (presumably) selling for way, way more than anyone could possibly afford – especially in the numbers being built.  I did the math in my head.  I did the amortization in my head.  I did the driving to and from work in my head.  “Sal.  This is insane.  Mark my words.  THIS IS INSANE.  Something is wrong with the system.  This does not compute.  This is a housing boom destined to fail BIG time.”  

And, of course, the bank’s sub-prime debacle of 2007/2008 played out and almost brought that ‘which was too big to fail’ to it’s knees.  But it was plain to see.  It was right in front of us as we drove past.  Okay, okay . . . I did not know sub-prime from tranches, credit default swaps from CDOs.  I didn’t know the details, the jargon, the industry and the big government LIES but ………..that it was all adding up to a BIGGER LIE – that was clear to anyone.

BIG LIES show up if you open your eyes wide enough.

Here’s another one…..and this is the main one (personal level) for me, really…..a few years ago, I could buy an inverter generator for less than a nice dinner out with Sally at a fancy place (almost still can).  THAT was truly crazy.  Hard, metal, complicated, high tech stuff for the same price as a dinner?  STUFF was coming in from CHINA so cheap that it seemed like a huge ‘proportional value’ mistake was being made on their part.

Hell, you could get crap from China shipped free that cost one-fifth what a similar North American made product cost and the shipping itself, within our continent, was more than the price of the Chinese product!  My sense of value was turned on it’s head.   ‘How does that make any sense?’

The system was broke.

The system is broke.

AND (it finally caught up with us) we broke the environment.  We broke the climate.  We broke the economy and, unless I am guessing wrong, we broke democracy a long time ago, too.  In many ways, it is currently a free-fall free-for-all, dystopian system that, while it is all still connected, is also currently rapidly disconnecting.  See Trump dissemble.  See Trump dismantle.  See Trump destroy.

See the confused and angry masses………….

We’re in a serious adjustment phase.

And it’s too late, baby now, it’s too late…… (Carole King)

France is revolting.  In fact, Belgium got a little ticked as well.  Greece, too.  It seems the deplorables are rising up in Europe these days.  And, that is not even counting England and Brexit.    Or Fox News watchers.  In several ways, they are all right-on (sadly, mostly alt-right).  But it’s all a bit too late…..

The Yellow-vests demonstrated initially to protest France’s carbon tax levied on gasoline (petrol).  On the face of it: non progressive.  Billed as a way to ‘the GREEN’ future, the government did what all governments do….tax the poor to ‘ostensibly’ improve their lives.  The rabble didn’t buy it.  They took to the streets in that time honoured way to loot shops, flip cars and throw crap at police.

Brilliant strategy.  Primal, I guess.  Funny how breaking windows and setting fire to things is our preferred mode of expressing anger publicly…..?

But, as it turns out, the rebellion has some REAL demands as well as just screaming in pain.  NOT having a united front nor having a recognized leadership, they still managed to shout out real, visceral-level, basically smart demands.  “No carbon tax!  BUT DO take up GREEN initiatives!  We want to live!  We want a healthy planet!  We want equality!”

C’mon….give ’em credit!  Those demands (3) are way more intelligent than ‘Lock ‘er up‘ or, ‘Build the wall!’  Or my personal favourite, ‘Kill the lawyers!’

Seems they are NOT against the cost of fuel so much as a list of things that are making life too damn hard.  And they are long overdue in that.  We all are.

To give the elite their due (which should take the form of a guillotine) they just  ’employed’ a tax and a tax usually works.  Right?

Well, yes and no.  A tax on a ‘discretionary’ item like tobacco works.  Raise the price, fewer people smoke.  Same for booze.  Cheap wine and beer increases alcoholism and abuse.  It is that simple.  The correlation with price is irrefutable.  But air, water, food and, in this day and age, fuel, are essential ingredients for living.  For the modern worker, fuel is as necessary an expense as bread.   The government really should never tax the essentials.

“We want a clean planet but we also want cheap gas!”

Irreconcilable?  Not in the least.  Easy-peasy.  Cheap fuel really means cheap transportation.  That could be public transit but public transit only works in mega-hives.  It doesn’t really work in real w-o-r-k or real travel.

Switching over from fossil fuels to electricity…would that do it?  Yep.  That would take the sting out of it…except…it comes with a shock!  Who is going to give me an electric boat?  An electric truck?  A long plug-in? I am pretty fully invested in the old system.  It took all of my energy and money to buy into this one – the one that now doesn’t work!   I will buy into the new-system tools if I can work and gain the money (and live forever) but how can I work if I can’t drive my truck right now?

We’ve waited too long to get on this ‘electrification’ merry-go-round.

“So, if we hurry up and we all buy a Nissan Leaf or Tesla, will it be OK then?” 

Sadly not.  Why?  Because the deplorables are demanding more than just ‘cheap fuel’.  They want equality, too.  Plus they want air to breathe, water to drink and the planet to get healthy.  They are fed up being peons, serfs, slaves and pissants.  They are fed up saluting corrupt authority while working for peanuts.  They are fed up being part of the problem but only because they followed their leaders.

The poor are revolting.

“Dave?  Is this the start of it? The Revolution?”

I doubt it.  We’ve rebelled before.  GreenPeace.  Occupy.  Me, too.  Trump and Brexit were the start of our most recent ‘anger, annoyance and dumb-rebellion’.  And maybe the yellow-vests are a smidge more sophisticated and specific with their message than simply ‘lock ‘er up’ (hard not to be smarter than Trumpians) but anger and frustration doesn’t seem to get the job done for anyone and we are rapidly running out of time.  I really do not think the system is the mechanism by which the system gets changed.

That is why I left.

Honestly?  I am a bona fide deplorable.  Born and bred.  And I have worked for change.  I have felt the feelings of rebellion.  I have walked a few miles in anger.  But, but, but………..over time, I channeled my innate deplorableness into more personal, smaller, local battles.  I won’t bore you with my history of that but suffice to say, it was small and ineffective on any kind of scale.  NOT Bill Gates.  NOT Elon Musk.  Not even a shadow of Ralph Nader.

IMAGE: little Dutch boy with his fingers in the dike.

So, the point?  I do not see change coming through even a better supported Obama-clone or facsimile.  Certainly not by way of Putin or Xi.  I do not see change coming by way of any of the movements on the horizon or even any looming (possible exception: Ebola).  Not even by way of the Yellow-vest or the Umbrella movement (Hong Kong courage writ large).  I see the ‘way of things’ too firmly ‘in place’ for real change and, worse, I see that the system has learned to bend and absorb the energies it comes into opposition with.  There is no answer in us.

But the planet may get involved……

…..I think we shall soon see…..maybe a lot sooner than I thought.

Who are they kidding?

The kid answered the knock at the front door of his suburban home in BC.  Four large, tall men in good suits asked if his parents were home and, when he hesitated, they brushed past, walked in and each took a section of the house.  Over the weak protestations of the terrified teen, they found his room, and searched it, stripped it of all electronics and ripped his cable out of the wall.  All the hardware was carted off to an unmarked police cruiser with a fifth man in an RCMP uniform at the wheel.

The interrogation was brief.  Harsh, cruel, threatening, frightening.  Very intimidating.  They told him that they were with Homeland Security and showed some ‘stinkin’ badges and, of course, threatened him with charges, trials, incarceration and, no doubt, implied bodily harm.  He caved.

Seems he had been on a hacking forum.  Worse, he had actually hacked something.  He took nothing, sold nothing, disrupted nothing but, yes, he was in there – somewhere – skulking around.  He was a young techie seeing what this hacking thing was all about.

According to the Chicago-dispatched crew of thugs in his kitchen, he had mixed on the wrong forum.  Known bad guys were on that forum and now he was officially associated with them.  Homeland Security would soon get him fired from his part-time job, alert the Mounties, alert CSIS, tell his school and, of course, tell his mom.  He was in deep doo-doo.

They scared the hell out of him.

That was twenty years ago.  Since then, the USA has struck a deal with the Canadian Coast Guard.  Something called the Marine Border Protection Act or something benign-sounding is now (and has been) official policy for some time.  It basically gives the US ‘authorities’ (not just the Coastguard) the right to travel as far as fifty miles into Canadian waters in pursuit of ‘evildoers’ or, of course, those suspected of anything even slightly evil, naughty or contrary to US interests.  Yeah, that means boaters in the Gulf can be boarded by US authorities.

They don’t stop where the water meets the land.

Calgary Airport is somewhat recently renovated.  It now sports a large section that is clearly USA dominated, as does the Vancouver Airport.  Like a big-box anchor in a mall, this section looms large in the airport building.  In it are a lot of US Marines and other US authority figures.  When you travel to the US, they ‘pre-screen’ you there.  They body x-rayed me.  The US would prefer to do their border checks on OUR side of the border.  ‘Course, they do ’em again when you land somewhere in the US but, hey!  They can do what they want….right?  “That’s right, sir.  As of that line, you are now in US territory.  We can arrest you and you have no rights as a Canadian in Canada whatsoever.  Canada does not exist to you. You are ours!”

So, Princess Huawei’s arrest is no biggy.  Trudeau claims he knew in advance.  I doubt it, personally.  The US has enough freedom to do what they want and they did it.  They usually grab some hapless RCMP and get him or her to tag along for appearances but they arrest who they want to arrest in the ‘interests of Homeland Security’ and they have been doing it for years.  Maybe they offered a gesture of a ‘heads up’ to Trudeau but, by the time he heard, it was already done.  Guaranteed.  It would only make sense.  “Grab her, Bubba.  If we get permission, great.  If we don’t, we have her anyway.”

Dear fellow Canadians.  Your country has no clout.   We have no power.  We are the pawns.  We are the playthings of the USA.  NOW: we are Trump’s toys.  Do not forget that.  OUR ‘authorities’ give speeding tickets, prosecute petty crimes, sell out the environment and take the flack for the Chicago suits and the New York suits they represent.  We control nothing.  Not even our own Coastguard.  Not even our own airports.  Not even our own oil, water or ‘rights and freedoms’.

And, as the new USMECA grows out of the old NAFTA, we have lost the right to negotiate any other free trade deal with any other country unless the US says it is OK.  Arresting Huawei was just a US suit showing their control over Canada as well as cranking up the trade war with China to a new level but sacrificing Trudeau as a pawn at the same time.

As if we didn’t already know.

The following article might help.  It was written in 2013.  That was 6 years ago.  Things have progressed….

David Attenborough says… (but Arnie does)

“Climate change could collapse civilization.”

Attenborough then implores the ‘leaders of the world’ to address this threat.

As if…..

At the same time, Premier Rachel Notley is embarking on an oil extortion scheme to wring out more tax and revenue money from Canadians for Alberta and to prompt Trudeau to ‘do something’ on making the pipelines happen.  Trudeau, of course, poses for the cameras, hugs poor school children and talks of love.  Trump, of course, lies about everything, hugs the Saudis for making more oil available and states that the US is producing more oil too, so all is good.

Big Oil, big greed and BIG STUPID seems to be doing OK.

But thinking people are left scratching their heads.  “Oil is bad for life on the planet but the economy is obviously more sacred than life.  Right?  The economy is considered healthy when oil is expensive and poor people can’t afford it (see French riots).  How is that right?  How can we consider any economy healthy if it will eventually kill us all?”

Our leaders dither while our planet withers.  Our own ‘sense of order’ demands acceptance of these leaders who, by the way, have never lead a damn thing in their lives.  Leaders are followers.  They follow the system, obey the system, owe the system, believe in the system and benefit personally from the system and they do NOT question the system.  And we follow followers.  Why do we follow followers?

For evil to be done, good people only need to follow their leaders.

So, where does that put Arnold Schwarzenegger?  There’s a committed-to-the-system guy.  GOP.  Politician.  Actor.  Macho-goofy kinda guy who drove a huge black Hummer as his governor’s (California, no less) vehicle.  They called him the ‘Governator’.  Arnie loves machinery, manliness and muscle.  Arnie loves money, cigars, women and showmanship.

Arnie could be a leader…?

Anomaly?  Thy name is Arnie.

Seems Arnie also loves life and the planet.  Arnie is a convert.  I would not have been surprised if he drove a Prius.  But he actually drives an all electric Mercedes Benz.  Arnie is on our side.   And Arnie spoke at the Climate conference.  “Our leaders are way behind the times.  But Americans are not.  We are changing.  We are doing.  We may not be officially a part of the Paris Climate Accord because of stupid leadership but we are there anyway.”

And that, dear readers, is the point.  It is never going to change because of our so-called fake-leaders.  It is only going to change because we lead.  Arnie may be doing that.  And I do see that all around me.  Environmental awareness is going mainstream.  People are getting the message.  We have to suffer mega hurricanes, vast forest fires, poisonous water and crazy weather first but it is finally sinking in.

Attenborough says it may be too little, too late.

He may be right.


Rednecks, alt-rights, supremacists, bigots and general idiocy (RA-RSBGI)

Ya gotta love ’em.  They are kinda funny.  OK, OK, they are also ofttimes mean and cruel, largely dysfunctional and do pose a real threat to innocent people sometimes.  That part is not good and it is sadly true, to be sure.  But, well, they are also kinda funny.  I know.  I should know, anyway.  I have a few of them as friends and one is a relative.

One of the kindest, most generous, welcoming people I met during my ‘learning to OTG’ phase (a lesson still ongoing) was a ‘RA-RSBGI’.  Pretty sure, anyway.  ‘Course the reading material, pack of dogs, gun racks and all that kinda crap gave it away the minute we entered his home but that was background material and the foreground was nothing but warm hospitality.

And, truth be told, no time was spent hating anyone.  There may have been a one-liner about the deep state or government control but maybe not.  I am a smidge inclined that way myself so it could have been another encounter somewhere else I am confusing with then.  They do tend to sound all the same.  Regardless, my guy was a nice guy.  And, ironically, he had married a women of colour and a foreign minority so the accouterments of alt-right, supremacy looked colour blind at the very least back then.  I liked the guy.  Still do.

He’s not alone.  Of course.  We got a nice local guy up here.  Pleasant,  Polite.  Helpful.  Cut from the same cloth.  Deep state believer.  Conspiracy sorta nut.  “The Queen, you see, is in cahoots with Putin and Trump.  It’s a hangover from the time of the Romanovs. They own all the gold now, ya know?” 

Sometimes they go on about the Eurabians (a conspiracy of Arabs and Europeans trying to take over the world) or the Bilderbergs (a conspiracy of Europeans and North Americans trying to take over the world).  Or Skull and Bones (a secret club of the Ivy League colleges that are trying to take…well you get the idea).

It seems a lot of groups that meet secretly do so to try and take over the world.

Ya gotta wonder why?

Anyway, the part I find so amusing is that all my crazy conspiracy friends are poor as dirt, haven’t much in the way of friends or social circles, usually live alone except for dogs and/or the odd reptile and, generally speaking, might be considered rather dysfunctional in several key ways like  personal hygiene, general health, dealing with others and especially with authorities and, of course, women.  They don’t eat regular-like either.

“So, Bill……how is it that you have no food in your house, your truck won’t run, ya got the meanest pack of Pit Bulls ever and yet you think you are smart enough to figure out major conspiracy plans conducted by secret societies all around the world?  Shouldn’t you, at the very least, get paying your hydro bill figured out or get your truck running?”

“Well, Dave, you have a good point.  It’s basically the lack of funds that currently limits my lifestyle as you describe it but, you see, that’s because the powers that be are watching me.  They know that I am on to them.  They are keeping me down.”  

“Are you saying that groups intent on taking over the world are starting by taking over you!?”

“Well, not me specifically but people like me.  Those of us who have seen the enemy must be stopped.  We’ve seen them.  So, they are stopping us.  They are watching us.  Harassing us.  And persecuting us.  They need us to keep quiet.  This is all part of their plan.  And they are getting good at it. It used to be just the poor, single male that was targeted.  That’s why the jails are full.  But now it is poor families.  They do that with the drugs.  They are currently attacking the middle class and that is drugs, taxes and all sorts of things. They own all the porn, ya know?”

“And you think Trump is the counter to all that evil?”

“Yes and no.  He is not part of their conspiracies.  He is an outsider.  He is one of us.  But he is rich so he can stay protected.  Stroke of genius getting to be president.  Presidents get great security, ya know.  So, yeah.  The battle has been joined.  Trump versus the deep state.  That’s a big first step.  Then Trump vs the Bildebergs.  Or Eurabia.  But, by then, it will all be out in the the open and the people will join in. You’ll see.” 

“But you also said ‘no’.  Trump is NOT the whole of the answer?”

“Well, c’mon, Dave.  Face it.  The guy is a little nuts, don’t you think?”



…..and the pursuit of happiness.

Inalienable rights.  Plus getting a bit of happy.  What’s not to like?  I’m all right with all of that noble stuff talk.  Most of the time.  I mean, ‘alla time’, of course, but I am rarely pursuing happiness much these days.  Not with any focus, that’s for sure.  I’m happy, I guess.  A better word is content.  Maybe satisfied  I am contentedly satisfied.  Yeah, that’s it.  And then there is the occasional bit of happy popping up now and then.  Well, actually, everyday has some nice, happy moments.  I live with Sal, after all.  Maybe really happy pop-ups every few months or so.  Hard to say.  I suppose one could judge by the amount of smiling I do but that observation would suggest suicidal to the observer rather than contentedness.  I don’t smile much.  I’m an old guy.  We frown.

I do laugh, tho.  Weirdly, I have found a mildly startling shortcut for laughing.  I just kinda explode with a loud ‘hah!’ and that seems to do it for me.  Others sometimes look a bit stunned.  Little kids might even tear up.  But I haven’t giggled in years.  Decades maybe.  I can’t honestly remember even chuckling for some time now.

Sal says I am getting grumpy.

If I judge my grumpiness by my lack of smiling and laughing, she is right.  If I judge my grumpiness by how I respond to the average cashier or mental customer-in-a-line-up ahead of me or the average driver in Victoria or Richmond, she is very, very right.  I am grumpy.  Mind you, grumpy is still better than rock-stupid in my books.  But, if you judge me by my feelings toward virtually every authority figure and especially those in airports (special breed of stupid, those) then I am a very happy person most every other time and they just press all the wrong buttons.

I can still ‘pretend’ to be civilized dealing with the two-digit-IQ-ditz at Save-On but I cannot even pretend in an airport.  I am so ‘ticked at airport personnel for just about anything, I usually have a security detail behind me by the time I get to the departure lounge.

“Some lounge..hah!”

(I am ‘this close’ to yelling Allahu Ahkbar at them some day!)

Anyway….this is all my way of saying that despite what you might hear or even observe for yourself, I am fine.  Thank you very much.  I am getting bit less social.  I’ll admit that.  I am a bit more grumpy overall.  I admit that, too.  And I might even be a bit crazy in airports (but I am trying to eliminate them from my life).  Still, the trend is clear; Dave is grouchy-looking.  And maybe even actually a bit grouchy-ish.

So, what?

It makes me happy.

Floating a balloon…….Marketing OTG 101


Imagine you can lease a spot on the ocean.  Off the grid.  You get a small tent-deck, water, sewer, some design limits and you can build whatever you want but it has to be small (under 800sft), it has to be built well and…….the ‘cabin’ you build is not yours (in the traditional sense) to sell.  The ‘site’ that you lease is also small.  Limited to the deck and building footprint give or take.

The cabin you build (or buy a yurt/shipping container/tent variation) is yours to take away should you want to buy land elsewhere and relocate to it but, it will initially be situated on leased land and the site belongs to the community and you have 20 years plus a day to be there – if you want.  If someone actually lives there for twenty years the site will likely require a do-over by then anyway.

Concept: some seniors might choose to live there the whole of the twenty years.

I envision most people will lease the site, bring in a shipping container-type abode and make some kind of arbor or tent addition or something to live in and half-outdoors while they build somewhere else.  They’ll use it for say, six months or so over five years and then take the container to their new site as a guest cabin to their now-built permanent home.  Or they may just leave it.  Or maybe it will be sold to the community.  The community will then re-lease the site and maybe even bring in a new shipping container.  Details to be worked out.


Lease rates will be low – to encourage the young to come and build and to encourage the old to ‘downsize’ and live amongst others in their latter years.  There will be a $5000 – 10,000 down move-in fee (to build the infrastructure).  Ballpark lease rate: $150/mo…maybe $2000 a year.  NO taxes.  No water bill.  Maybe a small maintenance fee or work-in-kind to keep it all going.  Sewers can be a problem… but it is all to be done NON profit.  Full, transparent accounting.

Maybe the tenant will get a portion of move-in fee back when they leave…

Why lease?  Because it is not our land.  We will lease it first and then sublease it to tenants.

Why small?  Because we want people to either stay small or buy-and-build elsewhere.  Ya can’t have chickens and dogs and goats and cows all a-wandering all over a relatively small area (7 acres).  Plus gardens, dogs, cats, kids and stuff…..not for long, anyway.  Otherwise it would get too crowded and ghetto like.

How many sites?  Start with ten.  Max maybe twenty. Let the community decide.  Ten makes sense to me.  Our area could absorb ten new families easily.  Probably twenty.  But no one out here wants it to become the new Saltspring.  We don’t want it to change, really, but very young people and very old people leaving is ALSO change so having a limited infusion of folks is really just stabilizing the community.

Will you bring in the container and hook it up to get me started?  Yeah.  Separate contract.

“But, if having that modest little summer camp-thing is enough for me, I can just live there?  Maybe just in the summer?”  Yep.  Twenty years.  Maybe renewal.  Maybe not.

In effect, the concept roughly described above is similar to a mobile home park but with an incentive to have the tenants stay small or move out to other OTG land.  Just NOT a mobile home or trailer……

AND IT MUST BE CHEAP.  The community is NOT trying to ‘make a buck’ so much as make a community.  We’ll pay people for labour and construction on any ‘community work’ or tenants can hire locals to work on a private basis but there is no OVERALL, for-profit company, there are no Benz-drivers, no sales offices…no organized greed corporation.  The idea is to support and foster the modest growth of our larger community.

As readers of this OTG blog and obviously, at least DREAMERS of the OTG lifestyle, would this kind of interim step, this ‘get your feet wet approach’ appeal to you?  Please do NOT quote me on any of this.  It is not mine to do.  It is currently a blank-slate piece of land and people out here are invited to propose other ideas.  I am sure they will.  So this is just one concept of likely many.

But I do have an advantage.  I can ask you guys what YOU think of the idea…