Trying to fit the damn wind turbine.  Been at it for a few days (not too hard at it, tho).  I am faced with the curse of the measuring tape in the hands of an idiot.  Me.  I measured the lower end of the tower section and got 9.5 inches.  And then had the fitting made up for that.  Got the fitting and it was perfect – just a tad over 9.5 inches.  Just big enough to fit snugly over the top of the tower.  Or, so I thought.

You see, the tower sections are tapered a smidgen (so that each one fits inside the section below it.  I should have known that.) and I hadn’t measured the proper end.  Shoulda measured the top end.  The fitting is 9.65 inches and so is the top of the section where it is supposed to go!  Damn. 

So, I bashed for awhile (‘persuaded’ the fitting in the local vernacular) and it remained resolute.  So, then I tried to bend the top of the tower but it, too, stayed firm.  So, I finally decided to ‘fab’ an adapter piece. 

First step: ‘rip’ steel strips using mini grinder on scraps of steel angle laying about for just such purposes.  Then drill out fastening holes, fasten and mark ‘bolt-on’ holes.  Drill ‘bolt-on’ holes.  Then (the worst part) explain mods to Sal. 

“Now you see, sweetie, this fitting didn’t quite fit so……..” “DOESN’T FIT!!  DIDN’T YOU MEASURE IT???  I AM NOT GOING TO TRY TO FIT SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T FIT ON TOP OF THAT…………:” 

“Now, Sweetie-pie, I have an answer for this problem.  All you have to do is……..” “ME!  ALL I HAVE TO DO!!  FORTY FEET IN THE AIR AND I HAVE TO WHAT!!??  ARE YOU MAD!!??

” I am sensing a bad attitude, here, Sal.  It is just………”  “BAD ATTITUDE!!!  YOU SAY I HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE AND YOU EXPECT ME TO CLIMB………..”

So, that is where we left it.  I’ll have another go tomorrow.  Try a different approach.  Use different words.  Or else go get a new fitting.  Might be easier.  More on that…………….later.

Did I mention that I live in heaven with an angel……………………?

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