Wolves at work

We are now entering our third day of dead calm!  Can you believe it?  The wind turbine from hell was conquered and we have been denied the deserved spoils of victory – wind!  Oh what fickle fiends of the forces of Nature are they that torture us so? (sorry, had a Shakesperian spasm, there).  But, really!  No wind out here is like no rain in North Vancouver.  It’s not right!  Climate bloody change! (breathe, Dave, breathe).

It is Wednesday.  Sally to Yoga.  I to the old school Quonset hut to resume our community renovation efforts with Hugh, Dan and Bruce.  We bashed and nailed, hung heavy roofing paper and covered some walls til about noon and then headed down the hill with the yoga crowd to the dock for lunch.  Must have been over thirty people there!  A quick scan of the crowd revealed a few new faces (a kayaking group had infiltrated us) and a huge yacht hung at anchor a few yards off the too-crowded dock.  Goulash on noodles, pizza and baked goods were exchanged and some garden produce was traded.  Youngest was little Ruby-Mae (three or so months) and the oldest was well into their 70’s.  Quite a group.  Mail plane came in later that day and gossip was caught up.  A few summer people were saying their goodbyes.  And I bought a few more pieces of lumber from Doug.

After lunch we went back to work on the Q-hut, Sal gossiped up a storm for a bit longer and then came to collect me for the return home.  Left home at 9:30.  Returned by four.  When we got back, I sat down in the chair outside and almost fell asleep.  Pretty hectic day out there in paradise.

The gossip revealed the reason our dogs were restless these past few nights.  Seems there are two wolf packs nearby and a whole lot of howlin’ is going on.  Our poor, mostly mute mutts can’t really participate in the choir of the wild but they try, rasping out a few dog whispers and the occasional half-bark from Fiddich.  It is just as well.  The wolves call to hear the domestic dogs reply which they then lure to the pack with a female in heat and then have their guest for lunch.  Literally.  Since they can’t hear our dogs, they don’t come this way.  Wolves: natural born liars. 

Which reminds me: last year no sockeye salmon returned to the Fraser.  The 50,000 DFO employees got together in Ottawa (of course) to ponder the problem and decided (after pooling their doctorates in marine biology) that an answer was more likely forthcoming from a BC judge who, from all accounts, likes fish as much the rest of us, but with no other qualifications except being a judge.  Makes sense, really.  “We obviously know nothing about what we are doing so let us appoint a lawyer to figure it out.  Maybe we can sue someone.”

And so Bruce Cohen was appointed by PM Harper to investigate the absence of fish in the Fraser.  But his terms of reference said, “Find no blame.  Find the reason for this massive screw-up but, if anybody’s name comes up, don’t tell us.  We don’t want to know.”  Politicians: natural born liars. 

So, Bruce, this icon of justice, appoints an advisory board made up of DFO experts.  Bruce, can you say, perception of bias?   And, uh, if they are going to go to the DFO anyway, why did they need Bruce? 

So, it seems Bruce’s advisers are going to help him investigate themselves but they are OK with this because no one can be blamed.  This blatant violation of all things right and just notwithstanding, Bruce undertakes this chore at the same time a hundred year record run of Sockeye show up for this years return!  Not only did DFO NOT know where last years salmon went, they had no idea this years salmon would be so plentiful.

But, somehow, using the same fools for advice, Bruce will find out.  DFO: natural born liars.  

Do you have any idea how much money we spend on DFO?  For 1% of that cost, I guarantee I can do as well………..let’s see, 100% wrong the first time.  100% wrong the second.  When in doubt, hire a lawyer.  How hard can that be?

Question: Which bunch of wolves do I prefer?      

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