Oh yeah!

I remember.  I was about to tell you that the fabricated steel assembly that accommodates the new motor and winch for the lower funicular arrived yesterday.  Courtesy of Hugh McNab and son.  It is pretty cool. 

‘Course, it being Read Island and all, we stopped first (before starting) to have Sally’s lunch.  She had prepared it before leaving for book club.  And then, by the time we got to the task of attaching the assembly, time had run out in the day and so we didn’t actually get it done.  Sort of.  We got it from the boat and into place but have to adjust a few bolts and things to make it fit.

And then I messed about with some bolts for awhile until I got bored.  Which didn’t take long.  It think it began to drizzle, too.  And then I needed some tea.  Is the picture becoming more clear?     

You may recall that in earlier posts I explained that the Read Island pace is a smidge sluggish at times.  This suits me well as I am currently running at ‘sluggish’ most of the time myself.  We’ll get to it.  Eventually.  It will take me way too long to do the job by even Mexican standards but, then again, I am only working to please myself and I can rationalize just about anything for the sake of procrastination.  So, I am pleased for now.  And I may be able to stretch this ‘being pleased’ for a couple of months before the need to make progress rears it’s ugly head again.  We’ll see.

The thing about steel fabrication is it results, usually, in heavy things.  And – don’t you know – the heavy things are never fabricated in situ.  They have to moved.  Of course, moving heavy steel on a rock and barnacles strewn beach is something I have become familiar with and I have to say is part of the reason I have embraced the pace of this island so well.  “Let’s let the welds ripen for a week or so?”  Lifting steel in the rain while walking on seaweed laying on a twenty five degree slope is not easy.  

I just have to wait until Sal is up for it.

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