The best part of working at the Q-hut on Wednesdays is the humour.  Stupid-guy construction humour.  It’s the best.  “Hey, you gonna stand there all day looking at the mess you created or get the persuader (sledge hammer) to work and put the finishing touches on it?”

I know it isn’t funny but standing there, in the rain, having just screwed up something and this old geezer with a deadpan expression giving you a friendly criticism…………well, it is funny.  Somehow.

I was talking to Gary, the professional carpenter who shows up now and then.  “So, you being a carpenter and all, this Q-hut seem OK to you?” “Better than most of the jobs I work on.  Them jobs are all cockeyed.  Not like the well-oiled machine you got going on here.  I especially appreciate the lack of tools and materials.  You guys are good!”  

“Hey!  We got materials and we have tools, too.  We just have to share them is all.  Nobody likes carrying tools up the hill so we use Hugh’s.”  “Yeah, like I said.  A veritable Swiss watch you got going here”.

It’s stupid.  It’s relentless.  And it is funny. 

Doesn’t work with women, tho.  Sal and some of the women were up in the bunkhouse assembling Ikea cupboards when I had decided to quit for the day.  I went to get Sal and saw everybody being busy.  Judith looked pleased as she and Ginny finished putting a drawer together.  I said, “A drawer!?  A single drawer!?  We’re putting in new foundations and walls and floors and you two make a drawer!??”  They just looked at me with daggers in their eyes.

Men and women, eh?  Not even the same species. 


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