Weird ads

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my blog has ads.  Given that I don’t pick ém, I have been a bit curious as to what Blogspot (the blog host) picks for me.  I do know this: the Blogspot machine reads my submission before publishing it and, based on keywords, throws up an ‘algorithm-deemed’ appropriate ad to accompany it.  This latest one is a real head shaker.  Seems you, the reader, are being urged to vote for Rebecca Kaplan for mayor of Oakland.  Seems Becky represents real change.

Is that what I am writing about? 

The only connection I can see to the content of the blog is that ol’ Beck looks a bit like Sonny.  That’s a helluva algorithm if they can do that!  ( I just checked back on Outboards ll and found that Becky had been replaced by an ad for food.  Do you suppose the algorithm read this post and changed the ad?  Gawd, that’s creepy).

We’re ensconced in the sumptuous LaQuinta Inn in downtown Richmond.  It’s an extra star or three up from the initially selected Arundell Mansions in New Westminster.  Since my work requires I be in New West for most of the time we are here it only seemed logical to stay in that city and save the commute.  But a quick check of the available Inns proved disappointing to say the least.  They were all popular ‘bar’ scenes and the crowds congregating at the doors were not those amongst whom I would normally seek company.  In fact, I would only seek distance and hope to be ‘upwind’ at that.  New Westminster is not very charming in that regard.

But the Arundell Mansions looked good on the internet.  It is billed as a restored 1910 Heritage site that used to serve as the Provincial circuit judge’s quarters when they were ín town instead of circuiting.  That means that each accommodation is a small suite and the decor is antique.  I love that kind of thing.

Sadly, it did not live up to it’s billing.  It was simply really old and not just a bit ‘tatty’.  We were both considering giving it a ‘try’ anyway when the skytrain rolled past – a foot and a half from the window!  We were on the third floor but if we had been on the second, we would have been able to see the passengers within their very own personal space, albeit for just a flash.  They, of course, would have seen me, too.  In a flash.  Given that one spends some time un or at least scantily clad when in a hotel room, we would have been the equivalent of commuter-flashers had we stayed.  So, despite the temptation to flash thousands an hour, we didn’t stay.

I confess to just a bit of disappointment with our decision.  Just think of the blog entry! Title: ‘Stuck to the Hotel window naked’.    

When I informed our more-than-eccentric host, Glynn, of our intentioned and immediate departure, he suggested that we give one of his Heritage homes a look.  So we drove a few blocks to a narrow, brick and stucco house of the same era as the Arundell Mansions.  The house was just a notch up from the mansions and we were tired so we decided to stay.

The next day we left.  The house was good enough.  Hell, I have lived in Mexico and Belize and Guatemala.  I know cockroaches from New Orleans to New York.  I have even slept head height on the #2 sleeper to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.  I can handle minimal, rustic, run-down and even uncomfortable.  This was all of that but not as bad as some.  It was bad but it was ‘good enough’.

But (gasp), it did not have internet.  I have learned to do without martinis.  I have even delayed showering for a bit.  Now and then.  But NO internet is now unacceptable.  We left in a huff!

Spent the day doing some chores and getting settled.  Tomorrow – work.  Appointments and such.  Could be good.  I hope so.  Our outboard motor/RV fund could use a shot in the arm.  Sal asked,  “Is it worth it?”   And I answered without thinking, “No.  No, it isn’t!”  We’ll see.

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