Whales, that is.

A pod of Orcas came by today. I think there were five or so but Sal thought only 3 or 4. Hard to say, really. They were cross channel and, while Sal was out in the boat dropping a few prawn traps, I spied them from the deck and called her on the walkie-talkies. She finished setting and, with the dogs for company, putted over to have a closer look. She didn’t get too close but she was out there for awhile. So she may be right but I am pretty sure there were five or six.

Heard a single whale yesterday. No dorsal fin either. Just saw the plume-puffs. Maybe a Minke? We’ve seen lone whales before but usually they are humpbacks and not in the least bit small. When they roll past, you ‘feel’ them as much as see them. And you can always see them. They roll at least three feet out of the water just coming up for air. When they breach or feed and come partially out of the water, the big ones make the channel seem small.

Speaking of Minke…..

Our neighbour, Roger, was sitting on a rock at dusk the other day when he glanced to his left. There, sitting but a few feet away, was a mink looking right at him. They stared at each other without blinking for a few seconds and Roger, being the polite chap that he is, offered a pleasant salutation, “Good evening, little fella. How are you doing?” . That was enough species-interactive excitement for the little guy for one day and he zipped off.

We are always getting little wildlife vignettes and encounters. It’s nice. Everyone likes it. Doesn’t matter if they have been here for thirty years or not, they pause and marvel and appreciate the magic of it all.

But wildlife is a harsh life. Some uppity gull decided to filch some treats the other day from Roger’s serving platform. That buffet is dedicated to the Raven. Jack (our big male Raven) saw this and swooped. A tussle ensued with Jonathan coming out second best and missing not just a few feathers in the process. Seems ol’ Jack took Jon down to the ground and kicked gull butt for a few moments and then plucked a few just to make the point.

Those Ravens are something! I’ve seen them harass the eagle. They are not in the least afraid of the dogs and I have even had Jack take a few morsels direct from my hand. They do not invest too heavily in fear, it seems.

But, with that, a few chores and a brief visit from some neighbours (the human kind) that was basically our day.

Despite the presence of killers, it was a remarkably low stress day.

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