Dog day

Head almost normal – empty. Nose less solid, more like stringy cheese now. I think I am improving. Less disgusting (nose description notwithstanding). Screen windexed.

Into the fray……..

The day the big tsunami swept up into my head, we had gone to town to do our normal two-week shop but with one major change to the usual schedule. It was also the annual dog clean-up date. Long overdue, I must say. Those two shaggy, stinky, ragamuffins went to Tammy’s Canine Emporium for Magical Change and came out like different dogs. Which is good. We needed a change. I was getting fed up with the old ones.

I try not to anthropomorphize the damn things but, really, there is no question they think they are a lot cuter coming out than they were going in. These two dopes literally prance and strut around in circles to show off their stuff. They think they are good-lookin’. REAL good lookin’.

One thing is for sure – they are somewhat better lookin’ and they are clean. Tammy does a helluva job. We (Sal, mostly) tend to them fairly well and they swim, on average, 2 days out of three, so they are never really dirty.

But they also like to be dogs and that means getting a bit dirty and, of course, Meg likes the smell of Otter poop as her signature scent. They can get a bit ‘present’ now and then.

I actually like them a bit when they are really clean. They are allowed to sit on the outside couch then. Give ém a week.

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