Just the two of us, again

Wférs left. And I am glad. NOT because there was anything wrong with them. They were great, a lot of fun and they were interesting people as well as good washers-of-dish! It is just that having guests for longer than a couple of days begins to feel like a bit of an intrusion. Crazy eh?

The main reason is that I forget how much I ‘live’ in my own house. I walk around naked (gasp) or just in shorts! I might burp or otherwise be ‘unpleasant’ company sometimes. OK, there is no ‘might’ about it. I’m a pig sometimes.

I am me uninhibited, unabashed and sometimes a bit unhinged when it is just the two of us and I am comfortable at that level of primal-ism (Sal seems a bit less comfortable with it, to be honest).

But, when guests are present – no matter what you may think of me and my behaviour when you are around me – I am trying my best to be ‘nice’ and ‘acceptable’ to the people around me. Honest. Mostly. Well, definitely most of the time.

I try.

OK, sometimes!

Poor Sal. I don’t try that hard when it is just her and me. We have been together forty years and, well, my standards have slipped some. OK, my standards are at a stinkin’ new low level! I know that! And I really know that when we have guests. I can tell by the expressions on their faces.

I really should pick up my socks.


I mean: actually! Sometimes my socks are on the floor! And so are other things. Unmentionables, maybe. I should pick them up and put them where the belong! (nag, nag, nag, blah, blah, blah)

Sheesh. I am not so sure that confession is really good for the soul!

Anyway, Wférs are guests and one can’t leave one’s socks on the floor when there are guests, can one?

And it is getting harder and harder to keep up appearances as I get older. Even compared to the rotten appearances I used to keep up. So, it is a relief to see guests leave. Isn’t that terrible?

It is a real joy to see guests arrive. Honest! But, as I get older, it is almost as good to see them leave.

Well, NOT you, dear reader. Not you, of course. You are always loved dearly. You are sorely missed the second you are out of sight.


But I can tell the truth about Wfer’s.

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