Meant to tell you: I posted pics of the old winch assembly I spoke of two blogs back titled: Junk.

Finished the concrete work today. We built the ‘wall’ on the flat strip of ‘footing’ you saw in the last blog. The wall is only 14 inches high but it is 31 feet long and so we mixed and poured a lot of concrete. Everything is now setting up for the structure that we will build a week or so from now. It is good to see the little foundation done. Not a BIG deal but it is really the BIGGEST part of the project.

We hope.

The roof tie-in is still a bit of an unknown but we’ll figure it out.

The mail plane came late today so even tho I quit the job site at 3:00, I had to wait until the mail was sorted out at the floating post ofice before coming home. I waited in the floating freight shed with a dozen floating others. So, we hobnobbed for awhile.

After a bit the school was let out and so we watched the young moms and their kids pile into small boats and head off in different directions. Kinda neat, really.

Then I came home and fueled the boats and came up to the house for a cuppa tea. Fed the raven. He took cheese from my hand this time. I was sitting on the deck in a chair with Megan-the-lamb-who-was-born-a-dog sitting to my immediate left. The raven approached cautiously on the deck. Walking sideways and keeping a wary eye on Meg, he sidled up and snatched the cheese from my fingers. Twice. Meg didn’t move.

I would have liked a picture of that.

The raven doesn’t like cameras. Can’t get a pic if the raven sees the camera. We can’t even get a pic if the raven is outside and the camera-person is inside taking it. The raven knows.

It’s Friday night. The week is over. Work is done for awhile. Tomorrow we start pulling up logs from the beach. TGIF!

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