Well, not really. I am done, tho. D-o-n-e! All logs up. All cut into rounds. Finito! Thank God! But Dave is still chopping and Lindsay is still stacking so we are not quite done yet. We will likely end up a bit short of a full load (don’t say it!) and may go get one or two more logs to ‘top up’ later. But, for now, I am done like burnt toast and so we will quit for lunch!

I am sitting down now. Lunch is over. It was very nice. Writing the blog contribution today is a welcome respite from wrangling logs and listening to the howl of the chainsaw. The bed looks good, too.

Whack! Thunk! Whack! Thunk! I just looked out the window and Lindsay is practicing her best Paulette Bunyan impression. She’s back at chopping! Lindsay is young, strong, healthy and has good timing but the wood is tough and good technique only comes with practice. She hasn’t had much. So there are more swings and effort required to get through a round. Doesn’t seem to deter her, tho. She is definitely not done! Whack! Thunk!

The Orcas came back today. At lunch. That’s nice. Not often do you get to see whales two days in a row. The pod was 7 or more strong and this time heading North. It is always a treat to see wildlife and, for some reason, the bigger the better. And these guys are big.

Hmmmmmmm…..(same window)…Dave is sitting, too. He looks done. I understand completely. After awhile, it feels like it will never end. Every time he split a round, I rolled two more up to the pile. The more the pile was split and carted away for stacking, the more it grew. It can be dispiriting. He looks a bit dispirited.

Lindsay looks determined. We will definitely get the wood in this year. Lindsay will see to that!

I have to ask…………..where have you gone? The weather is good and that means more outside time. I know that. The days are longer and that means less computer time. I know that, too. But, was it something I said about winches? Last three posts – not so much as a ‘peep’ from the gallery. Is describing wood gathering dull? Hmmmmmmm…………I suppose it is, now that I think about it. Sorry.

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