Offseason musings

Man, the weather changed like a politician’s promises. One day it was sunny and warm, the next few felt like winter had already set in. Sheesh.

I am OK with that, as a rule. Being a bit on the portly side, I am disinclined to hot weather and prefer a cool breeze at all times. Keeps the sweat down. Sitting in a cool breeze is even better. Spring and Fall are my favourite times of the year and reclining is my favourite position. It is hard to beat the combination of the two. Add a mint julep and I am there!

But such a weather change as we have just experienced prompts thoughts of a change in winter whereabouts. Are we going somewhere this winter? And ‘do I have to get up?’

Sally and I travel. Not a lot. Mostly in the winter. But a bit more than average, I think. And we don’t really care where we go so long as it is inexpensive, warm-ish (for Sally) and interesting. I require only a breeze and a low bug count. I won’t go to Australia or the far north in the summer for that very reason. Bugs. I am a natural, green, outdoorsy-kinda-guy but I don’t think a lot of bugs is natural so, if the bug count is high, I am not there.

We usually go to some place for 6 weeks or two months after Christmas. Give or take. Every once in awhile, we stay home and ‘enjoy’ the winter season here but, to be frank, it is an experience that should not be repeated two years in a row. In fact, as much as I like our place, I think 3 winters out of four should be spent elsewhere. It is not that it is too cold, too wet, or even too much of the same setting. It is the lack of light. By mid winter, it seems, the sun barely makes a showing. It isn’t really bright ever and it is dark by 4:00.

By the way, can anyone explain to me how it is that a mosquito can show up in the Canadian winter? They are rare, to be sure, but I would estimate that I encounter and kill at least a half dozen mosquitoes in the dead of winter. How is this possible? Is this a species that is evolving to year-around presence? Is this what global warming really means?

Sorry. I have a bug fixation and I am obsessed with mosquitoes. If there is one in the house, I am tracking it.

I am pretty sane otherwise.

So, this blog is not so much about me………….well, of course it is.………..but, what I mean is this: anyone got a recommendation for a cheap two months in an interesting place?

Been all over Mexico. Know Europe pretty well. Got a good sense of the Far East but there is some room to explore still. Know the US like I know Vancouver except for the Southeast.

I am thinking Portugal. Sally is thinking Turkey. Greece comes to mind even though we’ve been there. Any country going bankrupt has some appeal. We can relate.

Thought about Cuba. Thinking about Argentina…………..

Anyone got strong opinions on the Bahamas or Bermuda?

Waddya got?

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