Shades of my past……

W’fer’s here! Sal’s went to get ér. Lina is 20, from Switzerland and is traveling around the west coast with a back-pack, a thin wallet and eyes wide open. Oh, to be young again, eh?

“Why, I remember when I, too, was a back-packer, Lina. Went to Switzerland amongst other places. Yes, siree Bob, I did!”

“When did you do that, Dave?”

“Eh? (already losing the train of thought) Well, now….that would be a long time before you were born, Lina (turns out she was born in 1991!). I was there in 1968. Went to Geneva. I remember the cute little trams. Oh, never mind….”

I sound like a geezer just talkin’ to a young ‘un now.

She flew direct from Zurich and landed in Alaska, w’fed a bit and then headed down the coast by coastal ferries, first from Kechikan to Prince Rupert and then from there to Port Hardy. This morning she jumped on the bus in Hardy and got to Campbell River where she slipped onto the ferry and Sal received her at the other side. It all worked like a Swiss watch/w’fer.

“My, it is so much more expensive in Canada! Even the ferries. Alaska was a lot less expensive than I expected. Flying and the ferries in Alaska are cheap.”

Interesting. Alaska is cheaper than BC. And the Yukon (right next door to Alaska) is twice as expensive as BC. Go figure.

Oh, well, I am sure our government is looking out for our best interests. It’s just that, well, Sarah Palin used to be the governor of Alaska and well, she’s certifiable, didn’t like her job and didn’t go to work much when she had the job. I wonder what that says about our politicians when Alaska has a cheaper cost of living, eh? And the Alaskan ferries are run by the state instead of an American CEO?

“Hell boy! We ain’t stupid up here. We can’t afford one of them fancy-pants CEOs. Ol’ Madge runs the ferry system up here. Has done for years. Makes a mighty fine apple-pie, too, if ya ask her reeeeeaaal nice!”

Oh well, mine is not to reason why, mine is just to pay and sigh.

It costs a lot to be a Canadian.

On the way out to get Lina, Sal and I packed the boat with the year’s recycling and a bag or two of just-plain-garbage. The garbage was about 20 pounds, the recycling, about 150. Not a bad ratio when I think back to our cul-de-sac days. When we ‘add it up’ the composting (that stays home in the compost bin and rots) makes up the highest percentage of waste and I would guess that we generate about 10-15 pounds a week in bio-degradables with the bulk of that stuff composted. Cooked un-eatens and off-cuts go to the sea for the sea-gulls or onto the ‘perch’ for the ravens. Not much of that goes to waste.

We are getting more efficient in our ways. Well, in some ways, anyway.

Sal and Lina are going walkabout to familiarize her with the territory. Lina will stay in the boathouse. She’ll be with us for about a week. Give or take. Her chores (as a w’fer) will be to assist us in our spring cleaning. Don’t say it! Spring just arrived late this year. Better late than never.

I must confess that having a guest is not my greatest desire right now but spring cleaning falls far below that feeling so she is more than welcome. And young people seem to have a bit more ‘spring’ in their step and w’fers, anyway, are keen to please as well. She’ll be good.

Should be a nice few days.

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