As a rule, I do not have an addictive personality.  I am not even disciplined or regular in my habits (bowels, however, are good, thanks.  Good of you to ask).  I just don’t like routine.  Don’t like schedules.  And I am even coming to resent, more and more, the commitments I make of my own free will. 

In fact, I am starting to think I have something closer to BREADS (bored really easily, attention deficit syndrome)…..gotta try something new, ya know?  I basically dislike doing the same thing too many times in a row.  It’s boring.  OK, sex, ranting and scotch.  But, other than that…………b-o-o-o-o-o-ring.

I mention all that because I just noticed that I am acting quite opposite to what I just said.  I am getting hooked on the bloody computer.  It’s weird.  I will go looking for stuff I am not interested in.  Worse, I forget to look up the stuff I really should look up.  The only time I really notice this is when I hit a key and a pdf. file loads.  Then I get reams of data on hundreds of bits of crap that I have no interest in and it dawns on me, “What the hell am I doing here?” 

Well, it did rain heavily for the whole day, Sal went to yoga and it is too early for scotch so that only leaves ranting

I have to make a funicular cart.  It will carry our boat out of the sea like a marine ways.  Exactly like a marine ways.  So that means it should be heavier than water.  ‘Can’t have me one o’ those floating marine ways, ya know?’  Need one that sinks down under the water (while still sitting on the rails) so that the boat can float over it and we can then pull them both up at the same time.  Makes sense, right?

So, I figured to weld up some tubes and all that…………….’cept I can’t weld.  So then I figured I’d place the rails the same distance apart as the wheels on my boat trailer.  But then some doofus stole my boat trailer.

The universe was showing the usual resistance to my plans. 

Anyway, I decided that since there are tubes and receiver tubes, there might be receiver angles and fixtures.  Maybe I could bolt a carriage together?  So I Googled it.  Found reams of pdf. files showing me metal angles.  I started to look at them all.

By this time, hours had gone by. 

I could have learned to weld in less time! 

“What am I doing here?!”

Don’t worry.  I’ll get it together.  Just have to spend a bit more time on the computer………. 

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