Blog of Future Different!

I write this blog for myself.  Or, so I say, anyway.  But the truth is, I also kinda ‘modify’ it some for the reader.  I can’t help myself.  I have a whore-gene.  I like to think of it as ‘knowing my audience’ but, again, that’s just another word for pandering.  I think I tend toward sycophancy in my letters.

Plus, Sally critiques everything. 

‘Course it ain’t hard to write for your audience when you only have 25 readers.  In fact, I know that I have less than 25 because Alicia, bless her beautiful little heart, just signed up to encourage me.  She is in her mid twenties, living in Haida Gwai and hasn’t ever had an iota of interest in what I do every day.  Same for my old buddy, Sue, I am sure.  So there is definitely one ‘follower’ in name only, probably a few more.  I pretty much know everyone personally or at least by only one degree of separation. You are a select group.  

So, in a way, I am writing to ‘family’.  And you know how we all adjust to family now and then.  That’s what I am doing – ‘adjusting’.

Or suck-holing.  Your call.  

Joy, however, is a faithful fan.  So is Annette and Linda.  These are my real, true-blue regular readers and so I find myself catering to them somewhat.  It’s an unconscious thing.  Reading back over the last year I find that I am not as grumpy as I might be.  I am less ‘sexual’ in my innuendos, I play a ‘cuter’ role in my stories and, of course, I emphasize my love and devotion for Sally (women love that).  And, sadly for me, I limit my political rants. 

I am embarrassed to say that I even write more on decor, furnishings, cleaning, cooking and socializing because of them.  They like that sort of thing.   I want them to be happy. 

But I have just learned that I have a secret reader group.  A clutch of clandestine Chinese are covering my course in coastal living (all those ‘c’ words were meant to challenge them linguistically.  (I will be referring to alliterations emphasizing ‘r’s and ‘l’s over time.  Watch for it!).

As you know, we have ‘Chinese friends’ who are more than the typical Canadians of Chinese descent-type friends we all have.  These are Chinese-y Chinese.  Pur laine.  Still living in China.  100% through and through, living-the-Middle-Kingdom-life-folks who come to visit now and then.  And we go to them as well.  I found out today by e-mail that our friend B and some of her students are following my blog!

This is an unnerving surprise although, from a business perspective, you can imagine the potential for my blog!  If B and the kids spread the word and my blog goes PRC viral, my dreams of influencing the world (maybe even ruling it) have a chance.  1.5 billion Chinese following my teachings!  Imagine that for a just a minute (any longer may induce suicidal tendencies).  I might have to publish a little green book.

I look a bit like Mao, but with lighter hair, don’t you think?

Anyway, I now have to modify my writings even further.  I have no idea how it will show up.  Maybe tastier and more varied but making you hungrier more quickly?  I dunno.  Do not be surprised if the sentences get shorter and I drop a few adjectives, adverbs and particles.

Blog of future different!  

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