A leap of faith…………

I have been researching. Looking for a place to ‘get away’ to this winter. We will need to go south. By February, we will simply need some light! The weather here is good enough. Most of the time. So, it is not the weather.

And we don’t have to go south every year. But the sunlight is minimal here in winter and, as we get on, we seem to need a bit of sunshine more and more. At least every other year we need to ‘get out’ and see the sun. Two years out of three is good enough.

But it is not that simple. We may need it more but we want to go get it less.

Let me explain:

The hassle factor is growing larger and larger by the year. Of course I used the internet. It is the default way to plan nowadays. But it is simply not good enough. Not for flights, anyway. Eventually went to an agent. Sat there for two hours while she used the internet! Bottom line: Flying ain’t cheap nor is it convenient and I hate it anyway. But tickets got booked.

And I did book a VRBO over the net. We are going to Guatemala. Should be fun. Beautiful country.

But, ya know, I realized that I am losing the travel bug. Isn’t that weird? Part of it has to do with the current scare mongering fad that is so all pervasive these days. Scarewashing works! Even tho one might know that the propaganda of fear is lies, if you hear it enough you get, well, scared despite yourself. Hesitant at the very least. I confess that I am more than hesitant to cross the Mexican border right now. Even tho the odds are slim that we would be harmed, I just don’t need the thrill of danger any more, ya know?

Part of it is just plain age. We don’t have the same level of ‘intrepid explorer’ energy we used to have. Nor the curiosity. And I don’t need to see anymore ruins, temples or ancient churches. Been there. Done that. Knees hurt. So, what do I travel for?

Except for the aforementioned sunshine, not sure. I thought I might take my golf clubs. But that’s pathetic. Go to a foreign country and play golf, get a burger and drink scotch at the clubhouse? I don’t think so. Coals to Newcastle.

I guess it is the culture, mostly. Probably. I like to see people living a different way. I find the whole ‘adapting-to-one’s-environment’ thing fascinating.

But, that is not enough to go through airport hell and lose a bundle in the process. I need more than outdoor markets and people with accents. What? I dunno. That is why we are going………….we dunno……………….need some sun…………see some ‘different folks’ and…………well,……….I dunno. We’ll see.

That is the real appeal, I guess. I just don’t know what I’ll be doing. And that, it seems, is a good enough reason for going.

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