I used to look for a chance to relax…….

……….now I am looking for a chance to work.

It’s embarrassing.  It really is.  Sal’s boat is still high and dry.  Except when it rains but then it is still too high at the very least.  I have got to get on those repairs.  I really do.  It’s been over a week now and Sally is getting more and more comfortable driving my boat. And it just doesn’t feel right, ya know?  Sorta like your wife driving your truck all the time?  Or, if you’re a cowboy, riding your horse?  Just ain’t right.

And it’s not my fault.  Not really.  We’ve been busy.  Town days, guests, community workshop days.  And any days that were not otherwise occupied were pouring with rain.  There just hasn’t been a decent ‘repair’ window.  I blame the weather.

Geez, Dave, waddya talkin’?  You guys are retired.  You got nothin’ to do all day.  You jus’ sit around and write your blog, right?”

Well, it might seem like that but, honest, we are busy.  I swear.  OK, I don’t get up early.  I admit that.  But I never did.  I used to only apply for jobs that did not require early attendance.  I am not a morning person, OK?

And, of course, you can’t do fibreglass boat repairs when it is dark.  Right?  So, right there we have some major limits on the potential opportunity for working.  I am just a work-victim frustrated-by-circumstances…….like.

Still, that leaves a good six-hour window on a nice day and, so far, we just haven’t managed to find it.  But we will.  It will get done.  You’ll see.

I hope.

But the signs aren’t good.

Today was a great day.  And I was ready to go.  But Sal went up to do another ‘spontaneous’ community work day and I need her hands to help me when I am doing well, anything, really.  Anyway, she wasn’t there for the planned boat repairs.  So, I didn’t do it.  Worse, there were a bunch of vegetables and junk all over the kitchen and I knew what her plans were and so I decided to prepare the dinner.  I made a stew.

I think.  Not sure.  We’ll know later.  It smells OK.  But cooking is not one of my strengths.  We’ll see.

Look!  There are people who build boats.  And there are people who sail boats.  They are rarely the same people.  Builders and users.  That is the way it is.  And it is the same way with cookin’, isn’t it?  Only some cook.  Most eat.  I am in the latter group.  It’s what we like to call a division of labour.  She cooks.  I eat.  We’re both happy.  Mind your own business!

But – just so you know – once in awhile I cook.  You know, like the sensitive, non-sexist, sweetheart I am?  Down deep.  I help out.  I feed the dogs.  I BBQ steaks.  I help with the pizza.  I am pretty good at Sushi.  And, well…………popcorn……..and I pour the wine………

Mind your own business!

But that is what I am writing about, actually.  I am not minding my own damn business.  I spent a couple of hours cooking, for Gawds sake!  And Sal was doing construction!  The world has gone mad!

How is that boat ever going to get done if everyone has gone mad?

Epilogue: Sal came home and ‘messed’ with the stew to ‘fix it up’ a bit.  Tasted OK.  “You did good, sweetie.  Thank you.  In future, tho, you don’t have to do this, ya know?  Really.  Honest.  Thanks a lot, tho.  But, like, it is OK to stay out of the kitchen, OK?  Please?”

I am taking those comments in a positive way.  I think I have been told to relax.





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