Ya want irony?

Here it is: I am in a city (Victoria) getting a few chores handled and I can’t write.  That’s right…a ‘writer’s block’  kinda.  So, I think about it……..

Wait a minute……..there’s no block!  The reason I am not writing is that there is nothing to write about!  There was traffic.  There were stores.  And then there was more traffic.  Now and then we went into a sushi place for sustenance and then went back into traffic. Wahoo!

What’s to write?

You want dull?  Go to the city!

OK, I am being a bit ‘snarky’.  I know that.  But, honestly, being snarky is about the only thing I got going for me down here.   I get to see my family and some friends and that part is good. Fabulous, actually.   I get a needed part for a doo-dah.  Great!!   But I am now grossly ill-equipped for tolerating the madness that passes for normal life.  Hours of my day in traffic!  How stupid is that!?  Ten minute line-ups to buy a loaf of bread.  Signage.  Rules.  Prices!  The gestapo that is the BC Ferry service.

It feels even crazier to me when I am back.

Last night a Korean Air jetliner had an ‘ incident’  aboard and the flight was redirected to Comox air base.  It was accompanied by two US fighter jets.  All the passengers were subsequently screened and released.  Prssumably the flight continued.  Eventually.  The official spokesperson said, ” All emergency assets were deployed.”

Emergency assets, in this case, were US fighter jets!  Their assistance?  They could shoot the plane down.  Some assistance!  Some asset!

Oh, I could rant some more but traffic beckons.  Chores are calling.  Gotta get going to get into some line-up!

More irony?  Yesterday I was in dolphin traffic and it was OK.  Today I am in human traffic and it is not!


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