Happy made simple


Bit o’ politics………….not much…..  just a bit……sorry…………I’ll keep it short.

Liberals got crushed in the two byelections (Port Moody & Chilliwack) – both held by them previously.  The people are still mad, it seems.  Rolling back the HST wasn’t enough.  And the way cutey-pie Christy is handling matters, I don’t see the mood of the electorate changing much.  The other day she announced consideration of cutting some old growth forests to keep a certain sawmill going.  It didn’t occur to her to stop shipping raw logs to China as a better solution.

Well, for that matter, it doesn’t seem to occur to Harper to refine the oil at the tar sands site and ship it to eastern Canada where oil is imported from the middle east either.  I gues he is too busy wondering where to deploy the fighter jets this party is still considering.  You really have to wonder about these people.

Our politicians lie, cheat and are corrupt.  No doubt.  But, OMYGAWD, they are also so incredibly stupid.  Danielle Smith of Alberta’s right-wingy party just announced that exploiting the tar sands was OK since there is “still debate in the scientific community about the cause of climate change.”

Did some lab somewhere start cloning Sarah Palin?

Oh well, I will stop.  I apologize.  I have learned that people do not change their politics.  Nor do they ‘get’ that the party that calls itself the name they most relate to is not necessarily oriented that way.  Conservatives are not conservative and Liberals are not liberal.  Neither, for that matter, are New Democats new or even newly Democratic.  Mind you, Wild Roses are pretty wild so…………

On a brighter note, we relaunched Sal’s boat yesterday.  It went well.  The old log slides (ramp) allowed it to slide down to the rocks from the deck, held in check by me working a block and taykle.  There it sat until the tide came in and floated it off.  Sal then got in and rowed it around to the dock where we will re-install her engine and miscellany today.  Cap’n Sal will once again rule the high seas.  All is well in Sal’s world.

And so, all is well in mine.



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