“Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

As Sal is my editor, I asked her to provide me a statistical breakdown of my prolific output to date.  I wanted to know what topics I have covered.

“You don’t want to know!”

“Yes, I do.  Why wouldn’t I?”

“It is mostly gibberish!”

“How can you say that!?  You are my life partner, my true love and my editor, the one who will get all the royalties!  You are supposed to encourage my writing, support me, nurture my muse!”

“I’d rather nurture the garden, encourage the dogs and spend the pension.  This blog thing is killing me!  And, anyway, it’s mostly gibberish!” 

“Really?  Can you break it down?  Can I see what you mean?” 

“OK.  But it ain’t pretty.  I’ll send you the stats.”

And she did.  For the first 155 posts, the breakdown is as follows:

Adventure 1

All over the map 21 (more than one topic in blog so I have to split them up into specific categories)

Beginnings 5

Boating 3

Characters 6

Community 13

Day to Day 21

Dogs 1

Emergencies 3

Friends/Relations 3

Guest Writing 1

How To 23

Introduction 3

Musings 18

Other 11 (trips to Vancouver, etc.)

Rants 9

Relationship 3 (David and Sally)

Visitors 5 (Mostly Chinese students)

Wildlife 2

Wwoofers 3

It would seem that ‘All Over the Map’ is a category all by itself.  That and ‘Day to Day’ doesn’t bode well for a strong book theme, except, of course, for the Big Book of Gibberish or something.  By the time ‘Musings’ is added to the list, I am convinced: it is all gibberish and I am writing about nothing.

Hmmmmm…………..maybe ‘Nothing’ can be a theme?  Sienfeld did it!

‘How To’ and ‘Community’ seem to follow along the promised theme of living off the grid but clearly they have come second to gibberish.  I am going to have to switch tacks. I’d start by teaching more from the How To section but mostly I still don’t know much about How.To….   I am still learning myself.

I could, I suppose, put more emphasis on ‘Community’ but don’t forget, I still have to live here.  I have already decided to do an unabridged Tell-All on all of the characters in the area and their unique contributions to their unique definitions of community.  Some day.  After I have found a new place to live (and maybe a new identity).  Can’t risk that right now.  You understand.

I am surprised at my courage in including even the six Characters so far.

And, according to my statistician, I have only done two Wildlife pieces.  Gawd!  It feels like a lot more!

Mind you, she has only categorized 155 so far.  There are over 500.  I distinctly recall going through a Raven and Whale period.  And she has only noted nine rants.  That’s promising.  And the Q-hut was good for a few…………
I’d better wait.  And, anyway, you know what they say about statistics – they are all damn lies!

4 thoughts on ““Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

  1. Dave I love your blog. Everything is down to earth and real. None of it sugar coated. It’s life. You are a true pioneer. I am so looking forward to visit you and the community this summer. I feel like I know you all, from your writings. Please keep it going.


  2. I showed Sal the e-mail you sent. “See, now this is supportive!” Perhaps you could have a little chat with her when we see you?


  3. Your blog is organized as a Frame Story. You have written an extended prose narrative set on an island, organized around daily life, with a colourful cast of characters. A winning combination. Do not lose sight of this gem you are writing. You write about marketing you blog please do so soon. You have all the material to create a novel, a series, or a play based on your daily life. Television is all organized around frame stories most of it is puerile and vile so unlike your blog. Shoulder to the wheel. Now back to work you ink-stained wretch.


    • Well, I agree with the part about being a wretch……..
      …….an extended prose narrative, eh? Who knew?
      And geez, man, “puerile” in everyday life? Not bad.

      To quote a friend of mine, “it is excrement of the fur!” (no idea what that quote means – never have had an idea. But I never forgot it. Been 45 years)


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