A rogue by any other name………

Dinner out last night.  Jumped in the boat and took cheesecake and wine to the other side of the channel where P&M and their crew awaited us at anchor with a full-on turkey dinner ready.  It was great fun.

P&M have Canadian Shores, an 85 foot aluminum, ocean-going, fish boat with luxurious accommodation for crew (four) and guests (up to six or so).  What a boat!  They come up every year to prawn-fish and generally enjoy the area.  But, make no mistake, it is a working boat first.  They catch fish.

P has been a fisherman all his life and this boat is the ‘ultimate’. He fell in love with it and bought it last year and is now in the process of getting to ‘know the gal’ and find it’s rightful place in the food chain.  That place is going to be near the top, that is for sure.

They can go all the way to Hawaii in it if they had to.  They can easily travel all over the BC coast.  Last year, they took a BBC television crew up the coast looking to film wolves and other wildlife.  Ya wanna see the wildest parts of BC?  Book a charter on Canadian Shores.  http://www.vancouverseatours.com/departures.html

I am tempted to join him when he goes fishing for tuna.  Sheesh!  I must be losing my mind…..

I guess the point of this blog is simply to illustrate – once again – that life is different out here.  Going for dinner by boat to another boat is something Sal and I have done numerous times.  But arriving to an 85 footer with crew to assist with dock lines is somewhat unfamiliar.  I like it.

(Hmmmmmmmmm……..I may have to cultivate a whole new crop of friends…………starting at the RVYC, I guess…………..hmmmmmmm…………I wonder if any of them vote Conservative?) 

Guess I’ll have to stick with the motley flock of friends I already have that couldn’t get into the RVYC even if they had jobs in the kitchen!

Which reminds me…………I actually have friends that vote Conservative.  They would have voted for Thatcher, Regan and likely Mussolini, too.  But they are good people.  Really.  Deep down.  Somewhere.  I think.

This is how I rationalize it:

I said to one of my ‘corporate’ executive buddies who votes Conservative when he was complaining about Harper and his encroachment on our rights and freedoms as well as the sell-out of our resources, “Well, don’t beat yourself up too much.  You voted Conservative because you are conservative, right?  You hold traditional values and mores, right?  You think that, because you are conservative in your values, you should vote for people who call themselves Conservatives, right?”

“Well, yeah.  Of course.  Is that wrong?”

“Kinda.  The name Conservative doesn’t mean that they are conservative.  It is just a brand name.  It’s marketing.  It doesn’t mean anything except that they are smart enough to take a name that resonates with you.  But, the Liberals aren’t necessarily liberal.  The Greens are probably all sorts of shades of white through brown but I doubt that any one of them is actually green.  You can’t make voting decisions based on the brand name now, can you?  Do you really think that a bunch of neo-Fascists will call themselves that?  Not if they think about it and hire some marketing folks.”

“Oh, my God!  No wonder my party always disappoints me!”

“Yeah.  If you really are a conservative, you would have to vote Green now wouldn’t you?  It is they who promote conservation.  It is the Green Party that extols sustainability.  The current Conservatives promote non-sustainable exploitation of resources, they want to limit people’s rights and freedoms and they have no interest in the same values you seem to represent.  For instance, you may be as dumb as a stick but you are honest and you care about people.  You spend prudently and you work hard to help keep your family.  And you give to others.  You don’t even have a gun!  So what is it about jet-buying, oil-exporting, lying, manipulating and inconsiderate pigs-at-the-trough that you relate to?”

“Unh………I don’t relate to any of that.  But I am pro-business.  Doesn’t that make me Conservative?”

“Crooked, selfish, unethical and unsustainable business under Orwellian control?  If so, then I guess they are the ones for you.  Honest, sustainable, non-polluting, fairly-practised business…….?  Well, your guess is as good as mine.  I am not so sure I have found the good guys but I know Darth Vader when I see him.  So, now who you gonna vote for?”

“I dunno.  I guess I will just not vote next time!”

For the record (according to a reader), in the last federal election only 61% of eligible voters exercised their franchise.  Almost 40% stayed home (or were purposefully misdirected from their polling station).  Of those who did vote, only 39% voted Conservative.  That works out to 24% of the eligible voters who chose Harper.  One in four!  And at least some of them voted that way because they were led astray by the name!!

Sorry………ravens and dogs tomorrow.  I promise.

3 thoughts on “A rogue by any other name………

  1. Raving dogs that ought to be novel. One a more serious note what do you make of the debate on capitalism stateside? It strikes me that it is more about trying to win argument than to unearth the facts. Where is the middle class?


  2. To my way of thinking, capitalism is the closest system we have yet devised that reflects the way humans naturally behave. Ergo, it is the best-suited system for us. Having said that, not all human behaviour is good. Seems we need controls now and again. Seems we need to be reminded of doing the right thing, the Golden Rule and respecting nature. In other words, the human capitalist is prone to excess, selfishness and disregard. We need good parenting. I.e. GOOD government. For years GOOD government meant growth, more, bigger and even more materialism. It doesn’t mean that anymore. Now it has to include others and the rest of the planet. The days of greed are (or should be) over. Greed is a tenacious thing.
    There is such a thing as Natural Capitalism and it is basically capitalism gone Green. It is the title of a book by Lovins/Hawken. And it is clearly the way to go. But the people in power today are ‘old school’ exploiters. They are anachronisms. They are the problem. They have to go.
    Time for the young people to take over.


  3. I think given the economic crisis in Europe that some form of State Capitalism is likely with a larger role for the states, with a smaller and more constrained private sector. In 2008 when private capital dried up only a state could open the flow of credit with a stimulus programme. Look at how the People’s Republic avoided the recession.


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