21st Century Cox presents………

Busy two days.  Lots to say.  Too tired to say it right now.  Consider this post like previews on movies.  Coming attractions!  

Yikes!  Starring Dave and Sally, a major FUBAR production…………titanic struggle…….against great odds……..marine mafia wins on points and dollars.  But the fight was rigged.  Damn their eyes!  The second act: the battle is joined,  (just too tired to gird my loins right now (whatever the hell that means!).  Third act: the twist!

Second movie preview: Interim boat was purchased and brought home.  Undergoing a few ‘fixes’ before launch.  No champagne over the bow of this little girl.  Only 15 and a half.  Might call her Lolita.  I’ll keep you apprised.

Community potluck and documentary.  Characters On Parade.

Friends came to stay for a couple of nights.  Kept Better Than Fish!  More on that……..

Cyberslime found my cyberpost and tried to ‘bust’ us.  Spam/phish.  Wow.  Doesn’t take much, eh?

Don’t change that dial!  More after a few words from…………….

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