Lose, lose and then the hard place.


Took motor to marine dealer last week.  My ‘usual‘ guy works full-time and does repairs part-time and he was just too swamped so I ‘went conventional’ and took it in to Guido.  ‘They sure know how to make nice, those ‘marine mafia guys’, and I confess to thinking as I left it, “These guys aren’t so bad. Man, I have got to curb my bad attitude!”.

So, they clean the carbs and charge me $700.00.  That is close to theft, that is.  I mean…….(don’t get me started)…………still, it was done and so I picked it up and paid my bill.  And then, afterwards, stopped in to pick up Lolita, the little interim boat I intend to use while I ‘fix up’ my old boat .  Lolita, the little cutie!  Her inner power was weak (dead Polly, deceased, terminated, no more) and so I took her it to the same guy who was too busy a week ago.  God can be cruel.  But J is good.  Reasonable.  Honest.  Pleasure to deal with.  Just for fun, he asked to look at the Honda that was sitting in the back of my truck.

We hauled it out of the truck, stuck it on a stand and stood around like guys do when there is an engine in front of them.  You know?  Hands in pocket………….mumbling…………….eyes roaming over everything………..

“Hmm……no diffuser ring, Dave.  What happened to it?”

Wassadifoozering?He pointed to a spot on the leg that seemed to be absent a part.  “Geez, Dunno.  Maybe I lost it.  Maybe they lost it.  I dunno.”

“Never mind.  I’ll find one.  Put it on.  No problem.  Say, where’s the rubber plug for this hole?”

“Geez, dunno.  I never saw that hole before…………”

“Never mind.  I got a plug.  Sheesh, what kind of dipstick is this?”

“They said it needed a new one.  So they put one in.  What’s wrong with it?”

“This is a Yamaha dipstick.  It doesn’t fit.  And what is this green guck, eh?  I thought you said they just cleaned the carbs?”

“That is what they said.  Ya know, I feel like an idiot right now.  I prefer to feel merely ignorant but this is a notch lower down.  Awkward.  I didn’t ‘pop’ the hood when I got it.  I just packed it in to the back of the truck.  I guess I shoulda looked at my dipstick, eh?  But, what-the-hell?  I mean who just looks at dipsticks, ya know?”

He stopped, rubbed his chin and seemed to be mulling that question over.  Then he just stared at me.  Hard.  I think he was looking at a dipstick and showing me how it is done.

“Never mind.  I got a Honda dipstick.  Let’s look at Lolita.  Hmm………..nice little boat, Dave.  You knew the engine was toast, right?”.

“Yeah.  I was gonna put the Honda on it.  Take off the tiller and swap it over for steering.  You up for that?”

“Yeah.  Leave it with me.  You won’t mind if I just check out the Honda before getting it all put on, will ya?”

“Absolutely not.  I am afraid my confidence level on it right now is low.  Guido is lower, but , because of him, it is not giving me joy either.  Go for it.”

I left the motor and the boat with J.  Went to pick up Sal.

“You didn’t leave the motor with J, did you?  Damn.  I shoulda come.  I knew you’d cook up something goofy.  Damn!  We need that motor.  We have to pick people up!  You promised me!”

“Relax.  It will be done in time.”

“…….I never should let you out of my sight…………”

“C’mon.  It’ll be OK.  Have a little faith.”

“Faith?!  Marine stuff!!?? FAITH!!??”

“Well, you do have a point…………”



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