DFO Robocalling Enbridge


Weird eh? Those are the three most ‘looked up’ words that Google users employed that ‘ended up’ finding my blog.  Well, retirement, too (at #4), but that is not such a surprise.  Not really.  Boomers are gettin’ on, right?  But still lookin’ for answers.

As if I might have an answer for DFO, Robocalls and Enbridge?  Hmmmmm, I think I do……………..but……….it is not legal, moral or easy, I am sure.  Otherwise it would have been done by now.  A thousand times over!

On average I have 300 readers a day.  But they come and go in bunches.  So, who really knows?  For instance, most of my friends (they all lie, of course) say, “Oh yeah, I read your blog.  Honest!  Yeah…..loved that one on….what was it…….ravens!  Yeah, that’s it.  Love those ravens, eh?”

“Geez, that’s great.  Thanks for the feedback.  But….ah…I don’t think I have written about ravens for a while.  Didja see the one about the whales?”

NO!  Wow!  Whales, eh?  Wow!  I will look it up.  What was the name of the blog again?  Something about islands or something?”

“Off-the-grid-homes.org.  It’s about living off-the-grid.  Me and Sal.  I’m Dave, your old friend.  Remember?  You still taking your meds with a glass of scotch?”

“No.  Look, I read it.  Honest.  It’s just that, well, I get busy, ya know?  And, like, I prefer to read it in batches.  Like ten or so at a time.  So, like once a month or so I sit down and catch up.  It’s easier.  I like it.  Honest.  But sometimes I just don’t have the time.  But I sure do like them ravens!”

“That is OK.  I mean, who the hell reads the paper every day, eh?  Or watches TV every day, ya know?  I understand.  I even liked just seeing my kids five out of seven, ya know?  So, I get it.  No problem.  Just glad you like ravens, eh?  ‘Cause, like, I am leaning heavily on them now, ya know?  Like I do ravens every other day.  Can’t get enough o’ them blackbirds.  Can I?”

(I may have to kill myself!) 

Anyway, I promised you a quick thing on ‘Friends: better than fish’.  The reference is to Ben Franklin’s quote that ‘guests, like fish, begin to stink after three days’.  Mind you, they did not have indoor plumbing in his day but I am pretty sure that he was speaking metaphorically.

B & A came to visit.  Stayed two days.  No smell.  Rained most of the time.

They are good.  Real good.  B likes to tinker and potter and his specialty is electrics.  And I really like to see him now and again having fun.  So, I invite him up when I have electrical problems.  Happy to help out.  It’s great.  He has lots of fun and I get to enjoy him having fun.  Plus my electrics get sorted out.  Win-win.

A is an ex-librarian.  Likes the blog.  She is encouraging.  It is great.  I ply her with liquor, keep the topic on me and my blog and she is usually good for an hour of positive input.  Mind you, I can see the strain sometimes.  It is hard to stay pleasant while under the influence of scotch and a narcissistic personality but she copes well.

Funny, tho.  She must have read Ben Franklin ’cause they used to stay for three days……..


1 thought on “DFO Robocalling Enbridge

  1. It’s getting pretty vicious out there in Harper land where everything the opposition says is spun to suggest that what they say is worthless. The Green Party’s leader Elizabeth May had some thoughts about the environment but they are worthless ideas say the Conservatives. Bob Rae is accused of changing his mind. It is a sin to change one’s mind in Conservative land because only a Conservative knows what’s right and we know they never change their minds. DFO no problem if the Fishery Act is changed it wasn’t being enforced under the Conservatives. Robocalls are good if they mislead voters because Conservatives lack scruples and toy with democracy. And what is wrong an oil slick? Oil is the smell of Conservative money lust. But the Conservatives will not be in power long so the table must be set so that those without scruples can make like killer whales in a school of dolphins. I thought Conservatives liked to conserve but Jack the Raven disabused me with a cacophony of cackling…what a wit that bird has.


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