Amusement Park, BC


There are only five students at our local school.  They will go to a half-time teacher next year as a result.  Such is life out here on the periphery of modern non-urban society.  Things shut down.  The young people go to the city.

But this year, they had a full schedule and that included a Sports Day.  And Sports Day was today.  “What kind of Sports Day can you have with only five students?”

Well, that is the beauty of the place.  When it came time to play soccer there were around twenty or more students on the field.  Three of them came from China.  Five or more were ‘older’ high school age kids who came to play with the younger kids and, of course, there were several young adults.  Plus some visiting kids.  And two dogs.

In addition, there were probably ten or so mature adults with smaller children looking on.  What’s a Sports Day without an audience? Sports Day 2012 was a rousing success!

On our way to the Sports Day/market/community-day Wednesday – practically everything happens on a Wednesday up here – I asked one of the kids to take the wheel of the boat.  OMYGAWD!  Driving a boat was like, awesome!  And, of course, the teacher also wanted in.  Ms Wong took a turn at the wheel after the kids.  And we zoomed around for a few minutes with kids and teacher shrieking with delight.

Funny, eh?  People in Hong Kong don’t usually ever drive anything.  Instead, they are driven (in every sense of the word).  Driving a boat is like being at the helm of Capt. Picard’s Enterprise for them.  And they went boldly.  And they shrieked.  We would have jumped to Warp speed if we had more than a Honda 50.

Last year Ms Wong was so impressed by Sally zooming about in boats and driving the car and taking charge, she decided to learn to drive a car.  In Hong Kong She bought a Toyota and has been taking lessons ever since.  Still too afraid to ‘merge’ with traffic, she is more than somewhat limited in her range.  How can you NOT merge in Hong Kong?  But her courage is increasing.  Soon, she expects to be able to leave her neighbourhood.  Maybe.  Took her a few months to leave the parking garage.

After today she was wondering if she should buy a boat!

You can’t make this stuff up!


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