Sick puppies


Bloody prions, eh?  Who woulda thunk it – it may be the proteins that will get you in the end!  If cancer, heart disease and road rage doesn’t!

Mad Cow disease, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig…….seems all these diseases have rampant protein molecules cluttering up the brains of the afflicted.  The clutter is called (don’t you just love scientists?) plaques and tangles. (some guy got his doctorate naming those!  Some other genius came up with Chronic Wasting Disease – CWD -to describe, well, chronic wasting in the stricken animals!)

The real mystery is why? “Why do scientists get paid the big bucks for studying the obvious?”  No – some mysteries will never get resolved.  No, the question is why do proteins clutter up our brains?

Seems we have protein molecules floating around naturally.  Then sometimes they go nuts and we, in turn, go nuttier.   They proliferate and we degenerate.  Protein molecules acting like a virus, growing and taking over.  Like a parasitic disease. ‘Cept they are not!

Proteins aren’t ‘alive’.  They are not animals.  They are – in theory anyway – benign.  Just ‘stuff’.  We don’t even know why we have ’em.  In fact, in lab experiments on mice, the scientists rid the mouse brains of all the free floating protein and then injected Mad Cow and C-J Disease (Creutzfeldt-Jacob) and, without the protein there, the disease had no place to grow and the mice were not affected.  Mice, with their proteins intact, got the disease.  Even stranger, the mice with the protein removed but with no disease agents injected remained normal!  In other words, the protein’s only purpose seems to be to facilitate a degenerative neurological disease.  Nice, eh? 
Strong argument for eating less protien.

“Dave, what has this all to do with living off the grid?”

Not much.  I just like to read.  Something I get to do much more now.  Almost as much as I want.  It’s nice.  I like that.  But I must admit that I am a bit inclined to non-fiction and the bleak, coming-disaster genres of pop economics, global politics, climate change and just about any major threat  – so long as it is well-written and cataclysmic.  I want BIG BANG stuff.

And that, it seems, is not at all uncommon amongst us off-the-gridders.  It is just a small step from disaster awareness to survival paranoia and independent militia groups.  I am looking at getting some camouflage.

Jay Ingram writes very well about a dark and minuscule threat of proteins in Fatal Flaws and I enjoyed it.  Sick, eh?  The major interest for me?  More and more people are succumbing to proliferating proteins.  It may the END of DAYS!!   Whooooooh. 

Well, I am being a bit facetious.  The truth is a friend of mine seems to have it and I wanted to do a bit of research.  You know….in case I could help?  Sadly, Jay Ingram describes the problem of the disease very well but, further, offers no clue whatsoever as to the solution.  He even suggests that the scientists may be part of the problem! 

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Strategic Vision (about global politics) is next.  I chose that because I need to lighten up a bit.  It is about the end of the American Empire and life as we know it.

I kinda like disaster movies, too.  You know, when 100-foot tsunamis wash over Los Angeles……..that sort of thing.  I think of it all as vicariously cathartic.  Major-change imagery without the mess.  Armchair Armageddon.

Sal reads different books.

I just can’t get into chick-lit.  Ya know?  I think it is the scale.  Too small.  Too personal.  Too close-to-the-bone.  I like people.  I like puppies.  I like poverty and hardship and suffering in the ghettos as much as the next book club.  It’s just that it is always on such a small scale.  This poor Pakistani family being maltreated in England, that Muslim family being persecuted in Alabama, a family coping with multiple tragedies during a civil war…..what’s not to like?  But it is just too personal and too real for me.  I prefer my disasters on such a massive scale that they ‘don’t really count’.  It’s a form of denial.  Makes for a more interesting read.

Education or entertainment?  All I really know is that, once again, it is all about me and other sick puppies.


1 thought on “Sick puppies

  1. Zbigniew Brzezinski eh! He appears a couple of times per month on CNBC. Interesting guy. It seems that he would not as a matter of US foreign be working to destabilize the Middle East. If that happens a few things are going to get really snafued: flow of oil, Suez Canal, Israel. Do we need more fubared!


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