Work can be fun


My office window is in the corner of the room.  I have a window facing Northwest and an adjacent window (just the actual structural corner post) separating them) facing Northeast.  I look out onto the ‘green’ out back.  It is like a window on the local wildlife at times.

Several times a year, a little quorum of Quails comes pecking by.  Little heads bobbing with hangy blob-things on top.  Pretty cute.  And there are all the usual avian buddies flying by as well.  But the funniest of them all is the Raven.

Of course.

Not Jack and Liz.   I am talking about Fletch the tenth-or-so.  Fletch being short for fledgling.  Fletch came by the window yesterday and looked in.  He pecked the glass a bit.  Then pecked the frames a bit.  Then he looked up and down and all around (practically turning himself upside down on his feet).  Finally, he pressed his head with the one beady, black eye tight against the window and peered in.  And there I was – peering out at him.  We were inches apart.

I tried to move slowly in an attempt at making an attempt to get the camera.  I was thinking I just may be able to get a close-up through the window.  But, no luck.  Every time I moved, he flew off.

So I just went back to work and forgot about him.

Twice he came back, tho.  And each time he peered in, he was quite obviously studying me.  I was fascinated with his behaviour.  He was in learning mode and what better thing to study than the big oaf who feeds him now and then?

‘Course, when a raven is in learning mode, things get messed up around here.  The young ‘un also flipped up the back-door welcome mat, pecked a few holes in the deck furniture cushions and generally invaded, investigated and violated all he could find worth engaging with.  This guy is very curious black.

His behaviour – tho a bit ‘cheeky’ even for a raven – is not unusual.  The squirrel sets the trespass standards and he is practically a habitual criminal in the petty crime division.  He’ll go anywhere.  I have ‘caught’ him in the food shed, all over the workshop area, and we have seen him in every window.  He also breaks in to all the birdfeeders regardless of the squirrel-proofing Sally attempts.  The squirrel is a vandal of the first order.  A really bad guy.  We are going to buy a squirt gun next time we go shopping.  A bird feeder like Sal can only take so much!

But he is not without charm.  I like the window peeping-Tom thing.  I guess it is because of the glare coming off the glass but he can’t see in unless he is very close to the glass.  So, he walks along the outside rail, jumps over to the window sill and, cupping his hands to shield out the light, he presses his little face against the window pane.  Just like a human might.

And there he sits – watching me.  His little face pressed semi-flat against the pane.  He twitches and jumps when I move but he doesn’t leave.  For him, it is like a drive-in movie.  He is watching Godzilla-at-work.

Although, to be fair, one can hardly call it work, eh?  I mean; just consider the company I keep.  My workmates may be cheeky, messy and with bad work habits but they are a lot of fun to work with.

PS………….another whale show a little later on in the day.  Half a dozen.  Heading north.  Also another tour-boat show.  All the safety-clad tourists jammed on a boat watching the whales while a-sweltering in the heat.  Hate to admit it but we feel kinda smug up on our cool deck.  Sick, eh?

2 thoughts on “Work can be fun

  1. Ravens fledged or not get a bad rap as in Poe’s poem, The Raven.
    “Nevermore,” quoth the raven. Just what all the quothing is about is not made plan.
    Now Quails move in coveys or drifts but Ravens move in a murder or a conspiracy. It is no wonder ravens quoth their caws. All very nineteenth century “…came rapping,
    And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my…” window.


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