Gagging on celebratory

Is it just me or is there something nauseating about the increasing promotion of Justin Trudeau as heir apparent to the ‘crown’ of Canada? I mean, what the hell has he ever done?
I suppose I am biased. He is handsome, he has charisma and his wife is pretty. Plus, of course, his last name is Trudeau. Does a prime minister need anything more?  Wouldn’t seem to.  Harper doesn’t even have that!
I suppose I was ‘turned off’ young Trudeau by his eulogy for his father. Falling on the coffin and crying “I love you, Dad!”, on national TV just seemed a bit theatrical and rehearsed to me.  But, again, it could be me. I am not ‘big’ on such made-for-TV things.
But, honestly…….doesn’t it seem extra-desperate if not just a bit manipulative by the Liberals to promote a man who, for the most part, has just lived a privileged and wealthy life before being ‘handed’ a political appointment for the sake of ‘grooming-to-be-leader’?
Can’t they do better?
Justin has only been an MP since 2008. And he has been in the decimated Liberal no-longer-even-the-official-opposition party at that. Shouldn’t leaders actually have a track record of leading? Or, at the very least, having accomplished something? Do we really have to pick leaders who are just good looking followers? Pretty boys and girls who do as the party tells them?
Of course, we don’t pick ém.  The back-room manipulators pick ém.  We get to pick from the two or three bobble-heads they have already picked for us.
In America they say that every child has a chance to be president. ‘Course the odds are greater than 320 million to one. Much greater, actually. So what are the odds of a man becoming president and then, eight years later, his son becoming president too? Pretty lucky family, eh? Doesn’t it look like the lottery was fixed? I mean, how could anyone believe that, in the span of 20 or so years, the best leadership the US had to offer was GH Bush and GW Bush?
Frankly, I didn’t believe it then and I still don’t believe it.
And are we not being fed that same kind of deceit?  Are we not being sold on a man who has nothing special but pedigree? Is this not like the divine rule of kings where the leaders were chosen by their king who was also their father? Have we not rid ourselves of this kind of nepotistic corruption?
I have voted, it seems, for every party at one time or another. I usually vote for the person with the most integrity (fat lot of good that has done us!). And I work at trying to find that out. I really try to ignore the ‘flag’ they carry.  But I can feel it already – I will not be voting for Justin Trudeau. I don’t like being manipulated. I don’t like insincerity and I really don’t think he has proven himself worthy of the job he is being so obviously groomed for.
It’s a set-up!  The fix is in.  Again!
But I may not be physically capable of voting anyway. If I see much more of this Justin Bieber-esque Trudeau celebrity-promotion thing, I may just lapse into long term involuntary vomiting and be too incapacitated to cast a ballot.  

2 thoughts on “Gagging on celebratory

  1. I would say that your natural home is as a liberal. I do not see you with Harper or Mulcair as both are polarizing and divisive leaders. The liberals lost a lot of ground with its austerity budgets needed after Mulroney nearly bankrupted Canada. Canadians seem to need someone who appears to have the royal jelly and we go for such leaders like terriers go for rats; hence Cristy Clark, the triumph of hope over experience or the glib glam sham. Justin gives some the reason to vote, a reason to hope. I understand your reticence to cast your lot with Justin: Is royal jelly enough? But do you want him to jam out and ignore the wheedling press attempts to call him to greatness? Canada should not be ruled from the extremes: 39.62% of Canadians voted Harper but we have 60% of Canadian who remained skittish of Harper’s ilk. Is it time for callow youth to step up?


  2. Maybe. But I am unconvinced. You are right in calling me ‘liberal’ and you’d be right in calling me ‘conservative’. But, of course, I can’t vote for either of the so-named parties as they don’t live up to their claims. Still, I agree that – with an honourable, honest, intelligent and principalled leader – I would vote Liberal. ‘Course that would be true for any party. They all currently seem to lack that moral fibre, that Diogenes gene, that down-to-earthedness that I need. The only one I can see is Elizabeth May. She works hard and talks straight. What is not to like?


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