Sometimes, butterfly, Zen sucks!

Got a flat tire.  On my little utility trailer that I park on the other island.  No big deal.  Go to island, remove wheel, replace with spare, take wheel and tire into tire repair shop.  Simple remedial plan.  No problem. 


The first time I go over, I can’t remove the bolts that hold the wheel on.  Tools don’t quite fit right.  But, that’s OK.  I’ll just bring more tools next time I come.  Wisdom.  Patience.  Attitude.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm………………….zen descends on quiet mind……………..

Go back another day with enough tools to fix a D-9 Cat.  Remaining calm, I get a wrench and extension and apply my Incredible Hulk Bulk to the effort and snap the tool.  Now I know why they are called Snap-ON.  The other choice was Snap-OFF. Marketing consultants advised the former.

Quick: get to back to zen, do not pass go………………..ommmmmmmm………..(ignore blood on knuckles as it is not a positive element to have one’s life force leaving the building)………………..

Consider options.  There is another way.  Of course.  Take chainsaw and heavy sledge.  Beat the crap out of the trailer and push remains into the bush.  Simple remedial plan.  No problem.

Smidge un-zen-like.

A mature person would simply go back a third time and ‘try something else’.

And so I will do that as soon as I get mature enough to be able to think of something else.  As of this writing, the sledge and chainsaw option are still in the running.

But, really.   It is not about the trailer, is it?  Not really.  No, it is about me.  It is always about me.  “What did I do to deserve this!?”

No, seriously. it is not about me nor is it about the trailer.  It is really just another small vignette in the life of one who lives off the grid.  Living off the grid also means that your car (or, in this case, your trailer) lives off the grid, too.  And it is never very close to home.  It lives remote from you on the other island – off on another grid.  Leave a cellphone in the car?  Forgot to lock it?  Need a thingy from the glove compartment?  Well, no quick thing, that.  You are an hour and a boat ride and a steep hike away from doing that.

Take the wrong tool?  Well, that is two hours now, isn’t it?

That doesn’t work?  Poor baby!  Lookin’ at three hours, three hikes and three boat rides now, aren’t we?

Breathe.  Think Zen thoughts.  Ommmmmm………….push chainsaw image from mind…………“these things are sent to challenge us, butterfly.  Be one with the wheel nuts.  It will come.”

So, I look for Butterfly Towing in the yellow pages…………….

1 thought on “Sometimes, butterfly, Zen sucks!

  1. Could not agree with you more. Ya need the right tool for the job. Do you have a torch to heat the nuts. Sometimes a little heat combined with a session of suck holing eases the way.


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