Making friends

W’fer gone.  Miss her already.  Well, I miss her cooking.  She was great but her cooking was even better!

H didn’t have a lot of work foisted on her as our hard-work season is over (Spring) and we tend to lapse into an easier schedule when the summer gets warmer.  So she ‘added value’ to her stay by cooking Japanese food four or five times over her week’s time with us.  Tempura, sushi, gyoza, yakisoba – all from scratch.  Also some kind of ‘bowl’ thing.  Mmmmmm.

I seem to have an unusual effect on people, especially young women.  Neither good nor bad, it is just a smidge odd.  They seem to get the measure of me and then tease me.  I dunno.  It’s kind of fun but, really, it is a bit odd.  H was no exception.  It wasn’t too long into her stay that she began saying things like, “You are lucky man to have such a good wife.  I don’t think you deserve her.  Or the dogs, actually!”

I mean, it is all said with a grin and I know there is no malice and it is just humorous teasing but, like, I am wondering who issues the licenses to all these young women who say these things?  Do I have a target on my forehead?

Well, to be more accurate, H didn’t say such a thing.  Not exactly.  She actually said, “You a rucky mon who have such good rife!  Ah don’ think roo deserle ér.  O the dogs, acturarry!?”

She hasn’t mastered her ‘r’s and ‘L’s, yet.

I replied, “Ah so……….me no have risten you… say funny Ingrish.  So solly!”

Sally thinks that kind of exchange may account for it.  The teasing, I mean.

Maybe a bit more political correctness is in order?

H was great, actually.  Lot of fun.  We kept up a running exchange of nonsense and there was lots of laughter.  It was, as usual, very good.  I highly recommend hosting a W’fer now and then.  Keep it to a week.  Share a slice of your life.  Don’t ‘host’ so much as live normally and they seem to – as a rule – fit right in and friendships are the result.  We’ll likely do it again next year.  Mind you, it doesn’t hurt to have the Orcas go by or the dogs at the ready for ‘fetch’.  W’fers seem to like it here.  Can’t brame ém. I rike it too.



1 thought on “Making friends

  1. It’s all about the confidence you give them. They soon are at ease with you and as their confidence grows they recognize all bark and no bite. Mad Dog the got your number.


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