Building nano-tip

I don’t like the heat.  I prefer cool.  I like the wind.  I like the rain (if it is light and there is sun at the same time) and I am rarely cold – and I am often too warm.  Why the hell I ever go south is a question I can only answer with, “Well, Sal likes it…….”

My idea of a good temperature indoors is 16C and colder at night.  Living more outdoors has only reinforced that feeling.  For Sal, too (tho not so much).  Cool is good.  Admittedly not everyone agrees with me but I am somewhat bemused by the radio guy describing the weather as “…..sunny and bright, a balmy, perfect 37C.”

Is there a law or something that says: the hotter it gets the happier the people are supposed to be?  I don’t get it.  If 20C is the ideal temperature for most people, why is 37C better?  37C is almost twice as hot as the ideal 20.  What is wrong with those people?

OK, I know………….“Dave, this not blog material!”

But it is.  Kinda.  It’s what is called a segué.  I am leading somewhere………….

I am leading to: giving advice on picking the building location.  Do it carefully.  With thought.  Choose wisely, little butterfly, you’ll have to live with your decision for a long time. 

Many people locate their cabins in a sheltered area, a nook-in-the-rock, a protected spot.  I get that.  Makes sense.  IF YOU WERE LIVING ON THE PRAIRIES IN THE 1800’s!  With modern insulation and a good woodstove, we don’t have to duck and hide from the weather anymore.  We can cope.  Sure, it gets cold.  But not THAT cold.  And even when it gets THAT cold the stove and insulation keep us warm and toasty.  Hunkering is not necessary.

But OHMYGAWD is getting a nice breeze necessary when it is hot out.  And today was hot!  30C.  And therein lies my point: we situated our homesite for the breeze.  We built to catch the wind.  Call it the mariner in our blood (we’ve done a lot of sailing), call it a hearkening back to my Celtic, rain-soaked roots.  Whatever.  I like the wind and I like the cool.  And it was windy and cool for us today even tho it was 30C everywhere else.  Thank God!

But, interestingly, it was not cool everywhere on our site.  Down at the water’s edge it was hot as blazes.  Same for the backside where the haul-out, high-line is.  Where we built, it is always a bit breezy and the greatest breeze is right on the front porch, right beside the raven’s feeding table.  You can melt at the beach and cool off at the porch.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

I guess what I am saying is this: there is a natural tendency to find a sheltered spot on which to build.  Seems right.  Must be a carry-over from when we were hunter-gatherers.  I dunno.  But most people with cabins use them in the summer more than the winter.  Locating for the season during which you use the place makes more sense.

Just sayin’.

1 thought on “Building nano-tip

  1. Some folks on 40 degree celsius day will find themselves reaching for a sweater lest they catch a chill. I’m happiest on a brisk day with some crunch under foot and a blue, blue sky. Do not mind sub zero days with low humidity but I’m not so fond of the damp foggy days with a piercing wind. Then I think about the poor brass monkey.


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