When the going gets tough: delegate!


Despite a town day awhile back, we have been continuing our progress on the many fronts on which we have chosen to engage.  The battle rages in our favour but progress is slow and, I must admit, not just a little tiring now and then.

The two ton ramp has been floated around front and awaits further attention.  Which it will get as soon as I configure some kind of heavy duty winch-with-blocks for dragging and lifting. I have the theory.  I have the concept.  I even have the blocks and powered winch.  But I have learned now that that is less than half the chore.  The rest of the challenge has yet to reveal itself but, trust me, I am less than halfway there on that one.

The boat is largely done.  All sealed up, dry and now with beautifully fiber-glassed seams.  But it needs a bit of sanding for aesthetics and prior to painting so it is not quite launch-ready.  I may get to some of that today.  I confess to feeling a bit less than enthused about working today.

All the new-deck foundation wood has been gathered, lifted and stacked near the site at the back.  All the rest of the wood for the actual decking and workshop framing has been ordered and is on its way.  A few string lines and holes have to be drilled next and then work on that essential project can begin.

Got some work done on the community shop too, including getting and placing the new genset.  That project is still not done but I have been keeping up my end.  It feels good.  (NOT actually ‘my end’  which I still hope feels good but rather my task in the project).

We even bought a wine kit in town day.  And we have everything else with which to make a giant purple mess of things.  Someday soon Chateau Sal will produce 23 liters of swill.  Swill de Sal.

But that is not what I mean by progress.  Not this time.  This time progress means ‘book’.  Sal decided to gather up all the posts and print them out in hard copy.  Her reasoning was pretty simple: “I better get on this while it is still manageable.  I think you have been rather prolific.  I better start organizing now and that needs to be done in hard copy”. 

Better to organize and edit and critique in that way, it seems.  Better to visualize real paper.  Better to use real scissors and real paste.  She’s gonna chop it up!

The local printer-guy took our memory ‘stick’ and printed up what was on it.  Not counting the last half dozen posts or the couple dozen articles, we have 996 of full one-side, 12-size font pages.  Two of those small cardboard boxes full.  It is daunting.  Intimidating.  Talk about searching for some wheat amongst the chaff!

This is of a size that requires getting the scissors re-sharpened before starting, going to Costco for the amount of scotch tape that will be needed.  This is a real project.  Workshop construction?  Ramp lifting?  Boat repairs?  Those are trifles!  Mere hobbies. They are minor diversions compared to compiling a book.  OMYGAWD!

Lucky for me this is Sally’s part in the project.  Even more lucky for me that there is still work to do on the aforementioned simpler chores.  I may be able to hide out on the back deck construction until the compiling is over.

Sometimes you just gotta face facts and delegate.

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