Who pays?

Today is a day off.  It has to be.  We’re too tired for it not to be.

Sal worked at the post office yesterday and so the laundry is still hanging out on the line for the third day in a row (until she saw me writing this and now it is in!).  I worked on the boat yesterday and I will do so again tomorrow.  I am getting closer but I am not finished.  This evening a load of lumber comes by mini-barge (herring skiff) and after dinner we’ll go to the high-line on the back beach and unload it.  I think I’ll fire up the gas-powered cut-off saw and cut the two-ton ramp so as to make it just a ton-and-a-half and then we’ll try getting it into place tonight on the highest tide this month – probably just before or after the lumber arrives.  We may have to to tie some extra floats on the ramp today to try and float it further in.  I also have to adjust those damn solar panels – they are simply pointing too high in the sky while the sun has moved lower. They are not doing much for us.

It is a good thing we are taking the day off or else we couldn’t get this stuff done.

Actually, it is a timing thing.  Seasonal.  This morning there was a marked snap in the air.  A bit of a chill.  We feel as if the clock is ticking down to winter and some things just have to be accomplished.  Day off or not.  Of course, some things won’t get done anyway and so they’ll just have to wait til spring but some things are necessary for us to comfortably cope with the winter.  They really have to get done.

Getting my boat back in the water.  Getting all the new lumber up and stacked.  Rotating the panels.  Placing the ramp.  These are important items so that the other late fall and winter projects can continue.  ‘Course the garden has to be dealt with, too.  And……..well……………the list goes on.

I asked Sally, “How in hell did we manage to hold down two jobs, raise two kids and have a social life in the city when we can’t seem to keep house and home together when we are answering to no one?!”

“I have no idea.  I guess we relied on others for things.  Hired people.  Did less around the house.  We never had hobbies or projects. And, of course, we ‘bought’ convenience, didn’t we?  From laundry and dry cleaning to delivered pizza on Friday and restaurant meals during the week.  Face it.  We mostly just worked”.

“Yeah.  Now we don’t work.  We just have projects.  What is the difference again?

“When you work, they pay you.  When you do projects, you pay them!”

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