Going buggy

Bugs!  Mosquitoes, flies, midges.  The annoying classes.  We seem to be getting some these days.  Not a lot.  Not Ontario or Northern BC volumes.  Not Winnipeg-in-Spring!!  (OMYGAWD! Have you ever been there?).  But more than usual for us. Seems a bit odd, actually.

I have traveled to many parts of the world and the first question I ask after ‘what’s it like?’ is, ‘what is the bug count?’.  I have never been to Australia and I never intend to.  The bug count is too high.  The deadly bug count is over-the-top.   I won’t be going to the Amazon or the high Arctic in summer, either.  Life is too short to share it with bugs as far as I am concerned.

So, it must be said: I hate bugs!  Well, I hate flying-bugs-in-my-face-type-bugs more than the creepy crawlie ones.  Mind you, a creepy-crawly in the face doesn’t go well with me, either.  Bugs-in-my-face is one of the main reasons I built where did.

We are perched on an elevated slope on a west-by-south orientation.  The prevailing wind is a Southeaster but the Westerly is pretty prevalent in the summer.  Both winds course over our site with more than the average gusto and we have a breeze 99% of the time.  We have a strong breeze about 40% of the time and we enjoy gale-force blows as much as 5% of the time.  It is hard to be a flying, hovering, buzz-the-human type bug at my house.

On average I would say I encounter a mosquito once a day in the summer.  Twice is a bad day for me (worse for them, I can assure you).  Flies are fewer than one a day as a rule.  For some strange reason, this September is blowing the stats all to hell.  We are getting as many as a dozen flies in a day!  Last night Sal and I quit messing about with the ramp down at the beach because the mosquitoes were getting out of hand!  This is mid September, fer Gawd’s sake!

The point?  Well, it must be climate change, don’t ya think?  Mosquitos in September?  The world is going to hell in a handbasket.  We are doomed!  Who woulda thunk it would end this way?

“Unh, Dave?  Don’t you think you are over-reacting just a bit?”

No.  No I don’t.  I think the sky is falling.  Well, to be more sane about it, I think that climate change is real and I think it is showing up in ways unexpected and, well, maybe a few extra mosquitoes at the beach at dusk is a bit over-reactive but, damn it……………….I am buying a couple of cases of RAID the next time I go to town.  Methinks the war has just begun!

Remember: you heard it here first.  Just don’t quote me.

1 thought on “Going buggy

  1. Swatting at the flies of adversity. Must be warm enough to hatch out more of them little buggers. Wear your DEET(N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide) West Nile is in town.


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