Good help……..?

Ramp is half up.  Another ten feet or so.  So far, so good.  ‘Cordin to plan.

“Hey!, Sal said, This is working out pretty good.  Coming up like you knew what you were doing!  So, what’s the plan for the last ten feet?”

“Thanks.  Appreciated.  You’ve been a big help if you don’t count asking all those goofy questions.  Still, you’re right.  It has been good so far.  We are gettin’ somewhere.”

“….and the plan…?”

“No plan.”

“But what about the last ten feet?!”

“Gonna have to think on it, I guess.  Got no plan.  Could use a sky hook, I guess.  That would help.” 

In the old days, making reference to a sky hook would have satisfied her.  She would then ask, “So where do we get one of those?”

That kind of humour (for me, anyway) doesn’t work anymore.  Sal is catching on to worksite BS.

“Don’t be daft!  No such thing.  Even I know that!  So, what are we gonna do?”

Questions!  She just can’t quit with the questions!

“Honestly?  No idea.  I can maybe leverage up on the cable tightening or maybe just use a big lever to do some shivelling.  But, so far, I am not sure.  Well, I know what I am gonna do next, anyway.”


“Fix the winch.  It vibrated so much that that the muffler fell apart.  Gonna fix it, mock something up. Can’t hear myself think what with you yammering allatime and the engine screamin’ when you take a breath!”

And so, there we sit – having tea and staring at the ramp that is tantilizingly close to the proper placement.   I’ll figure something out.  I am not worried.  People have been shivelling big things into weird places ever since time began.  We’ll do it.

“Not me.  I’ll try to give you a few minutes tomorrow but I have to cook.  We have dinner guests.  Can’t be fooling around with ramps and winches when I am cooking.  If you want my help, you’ll have to make an appointment!”

It is hard to get good help these days.  It really is.  And when you do get someone who has energy and smarts, they talk your damn ear off with questions.  Like I know what I am doing………..


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