What?! Me worry?


Big salmon are jumping.  Really big.  Guessing from the glimpses as they leap, I think 15 pounders.  Maybe some are bigger.  Every year about this time the Chums come and they seem to congregate for a week or so right in front of our house.  It’s wonderful.

We can’t catch them, tho.  Firstly, one cannot fish our area.  It is closed to fin-fish.  The law says.  Secondly, you can’t catch a salmon even in an open area without a special additional license issued (for a cost) just for a salmon.  Ordinary fishing licenses aren’t good enough.  The law says.  And thirdly, neither Sally or I are any good at catching fish.  Fishing, for us, is boring and unproductive.  We just sit there and complain about losing fishing gear.  We don’t like any part of it.  So we don’t do it.

But it makes no difference, our preferences.  The Chums don’t bite.  Whatever is going on in their life cycle, appetite is not part of it at this point in their season.  They leap, they play, they congregate and maybe they even congregate for some kind of reason.  But they don’t get the munchies afterwards.

Then they are gone.

The seals don’t have to obey the laws.  So they try and eat the salmon even in the closed sections.  And they seem to have a knack for it.  The other day, a seal and a large salmon broke the surface of the water fully engaged in a life-battle over who gets dinner.  The seal had the upper hand but the salmon was so large it was flipping the seal about as the struggle ensued. Lots of thrashing at the surface but, eventually the seal succeeded and likely took home a doggy bag (another name for a Chum is Dog salmon).  Pretty amazing.

Salmon, it seems, are in danger.  But what isn’t?  Seems the world is on the precipice of some kind of environmental end game according to everything I read and hear.  And I believe it.  Certainly the climate change people have been proven right.  And that has to have implications all over the place.  I guess we are doomed.  This summer we had something like 60 straight days without rain.  Whatever the number, it set a record.  What a concept, eh?  The rain forest without rain.

Spring was unnaturally cold.  Our wind patterns this summer were different.  The bug count was also up.  The plants didn’t bloom til late and the garden was even later coming in with some plants doing poorly.  The Hummingbirds came late and stayed for a shorter time but there were late stragglers well into the summer – which is odd.  This year saw gobs of whales.  No eagles in our special eagle-tree this year.  Not many anyway.  The jellyfish count is way down.  Oysters didn’t seem to proliferate. but they held their own.  Lots of wolves earlier in the season.  All in all it was a weird season for both the flora and the fauna.  Nothing quite seemed ‘normal’.

But clearly the season is over.  It is Fall.  No question about it.  Cool mornings.  Earlier sunsets.  Sun already lower in the sky.  We are heading for another winter and, to be frank, I am not looking forward to it.  We are well prepared.  We have what we need.  But the lack of light is now becoming a factor as I age.  I really appreciate having longer days.  I guess there is a just a bit of a sense of loss in the air…………

…………don’t worry……………I’ll be fine.


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