Madness or awareness? Sorry. Skip this one if you must…….

Well, it is not really madness.  Not really.  Not so much.  It is just a bit on how moving off the grid was partly (tho not much) fear driven.

I kinda think the world is going to hell in a handbasket and I think that because everyone tells me so and because I am inclined to the dark view by nature.  Off-the-grid?  Maybe moving-off-the-bullseye would be another way of saying it.

I haven’t discussed this part with Sal.  Not much.  No point.  She is of the glass-always-full-and-runneth-over type.  To her, the world is mostly beautiful and full of promise, cookies, flowers and puppies.  No fear, only happy.

Good thing she has me, eh?

Anyway, there is plenty of evidence for a sense of fear-of-the-future, of course.  Documentarians make a good living scaring the crap out of us – just for starters.  And, where they leave off, the scientists and the nut-cases add to the growing general paranoia, what with climate change and pandemics and mass-shootings.  And that was just yesterday! 

Fear is just good-for-business, really.  Hell, the media and the government are in the business of selling bad news (what a concept that is, eh?).   If it isn’t Big Brother warning us about terrorists and celebrities chastising us for hunger and neglect of others, it is Michael Moore and PBS telling me the sky is falling.   There is simply no end to the scare mongering.

And, worse, it is working.  They could be right.  We could be doomed!  DOOMED!

So, my point is this: moving off the grid was partly (a small part) motivated along the same lines as the crazy survivalist fringe who hide in buried shipping containers in the hills of Idaho and Montana.  The ones who get a years’ supplies of MRE’s and store them in caves, pack in dozens of guns and tons of ammunition. Store fuel. Try to hide.  Wear camouflage and paint their face black.  That kinda thing.  Real crazies……….

But I’m not that crazy.  Not yet, anyway.  Mind you, I do find myself wanting to store more food.  And a couple of AK47’s with a case lot of ammo doesn’t seem like an over-reaction anymore.  With no road here I can’t really use a blacked out Hummer and no one looks directly at my face by choice anyway so I don’t need to paint anything black.  But I must admit, I think I look good in camo.  Like a cross between Danny deVito and Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf.  Kinda.

The point?  Well, the world continues to turn.  The hugely crippled economies still make bread and pump gas.  And most people are just fine, thank you very much.  So the fear levels promoted all day long are hard to sustain against a reality filter.  Sometimes even a Montana militiaman dug deep in the hills has to think, “Geez, what a beautiful day.  Think I’ll go down to the lake, get a burger, take the kids swimming”.  It can’t be all that bad.  Not all the time.  Not really.

But I confess, there is a part of me that feels that way.  It is not a huge part.  But it is a part.  Moving off the grid was – a little bit – getting off the bullseye.  If not getting off the bullseye, certainly shedding some of the cushion, some of the protective padding that comes with living in the embrace of the social comfort systems.

Living off the grid has reinforced my sense of independence and, in turn, it has also increased my awareness of survivability.  It has to.  And it has.

Maybe it simply comes from being a step removed from supportive society.  Maybe it is simply living more focused on basic survival.  Maybe it is a perspective thing – I just see things differently from here.  I really don’t know.  But I do know that I am more inclined to basic survivalism and that, I think, increases one’s sensitivity, one’s awareness, and yes, one’s sense of possible dangers.  I have a smidge of paranoia.  Call me crazy.

1 thought on “Madness or awareness? Sorry. Skip this one if you must…….

  1. Paranoia is a good thing as it’s powerful reminder that your warrior gene has kicked in and literally has your hackles up. All very primal and self preserving. Back in the day when humans slept in caves that more than occasionally housed cave bears one could not be casually wandering into said caves without first sussing its recesses. A little caution lest the bear pay you a backhanded compliment. Paranoia, I rather call it informed self interest. They are out to get you!


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