Coping mechanisms

The place has changed.  It is grey.  Where it was bright and vibrant with Fall’s colours, it is now foggy-grey in the morning with a washed out respite of weak sunshine in the afternoon but darkening-with-fog early in the afternoon.  Feels like the End of Days.  Feels like winter.  Feels like………….

………….I have to do something about it.

I am not so sure how that might turn out this year.  Or even if I will make much of an attempt.  Chances are we will just adjust and ‘hunker’ through the winter this time around.  It just seems that we are facing winter’s beakness a bit early, is all.  ‘Course the earthquake didn’t help.  Earthquakes: Nature’s wake-up call.

Yesterday the region around Prince Rupert/Haida Gwaii experienced a 7.7 on the Richter scale.  Not huge by world standards but more than enough to get everyone’s attention.  Well, maybe Harper and Enbridge ignored it.  Two of our friends (a couple) held hands in the kitchen and said their goodbyes.  But, thank God, things settled down, so did they and they then sat down to write us about it.  So, it’s all OK………….for now.

They (the universal ‘they’) maintain that some percentage of what seems like an increase in incidents described as natural disasters are a result of climate change.  You know: “Well, the permafrost helps hold things together and so the geotechnic plates move more easily when it melts.”

So the sky is falling (Hurricane Sandy) and the floor is shifting.  And the seas are rising.  And the economy is falling along with the sky.  Pretty soon, they say, “The wheels will fall off!”  Mayans predict December 21 at 11 minutes past 11 in the morning.  Sheesh, all that, the end of Daylight Saving Time and an extra large Visa bill this month and it is enough to depress a guy.

But I am not in the least depressed.  First off, I have access to anti-depressants – the ultimate coping mechanism.  My doctor says: “Don’t call me, just take a few extra Prozac and start singin’ in the morning. That’s what I do!”

Secondly, I don’t think they can find me and they can’t get blood from a stone even if they do.  And that is all we have out here – stones!  “So, come already!  Repossess some granite.  Go ahead!”

Thirdly, we’ll get a few sunny days again sometime and everything will be better.  So yeah, that’s my plan: Hunker down, hide out.  Wait long enough for the sun to come out again.

You got a better idea?

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